Raymarine Autopilot EV-400 Power Pack

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Comprehensive display of p70R

Replace the electronics of your autopilot!

This package is suitable for power boats with type hydraulic pump 2e 3 still functioning.

The package includes:
p70R of control units, sensor EV 1, course computer ACU 400 and STNG cable kit.

No calibration!
Designed for maximum ease of use, autopilots Evolution eliminate the need for complicated configurations and calibrations. Evolution installed, turn on the autopilot and you're ready to go!
Thanks to the smart EV sensor, the autopilot receives and automatically adapts to the characteristics of the boat without any regulation by the user.

AI Evolution ™
Autopilots Evolution ™ combine the thirty Raymarine nautical experience, research and development of FLIR Systems and cutting-edge aerospace technology to give life to a new level of precision.
This sophisticated technology makes use of AI Evolution ™ control algorithms that enable autopilots Evolution of perceiving the environment and immediately calculate the optimum parameters for maximum performance. The result is a precise and reliable maintenance of the route, regardless of the vessel's speed or by sea conditions.

core EV
The heart of the autopilot Evolution system is the ultra compact EV core which encloses a heading sensor to 9 axes that monitors the boat's movement in all three dimensions. The innovative core EV combines the cutting-edge solid state switches with autopilot processor in a rugged body and easy installation; Waterproof and submersible in accordance with IPX6 and IPX7 standards, can be mounted above or below deck to suit your needs.

Core advantages EV
precise monitoring of the bow, pitch and roll that allows the autopilot to instantaneously regulate according to sea conditions and to changes in vessel dynamics.
flexible installation options. Mounting above or below deck.
SeaTalkng simple connection to the control unit and the ACU.
solid state sensor that enables dynamic accuracy is within 2 degrees in all conditions.
Self-compensating for magnetic fields onboard and precision of the bow in the northern and southern hemispheres.
Data faster and more reliable ways forward for MARPA radar overlay and bow on Raymarine multifunction displays.


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