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D Posso sostituire il display is 20 combi con display triton2
R Buon pomeriggio, confermo la compatibilità, dovrà però prevedere anche il seguente cavo di adattamento: https://www.painestore.it/cavo_micro-c_femmina_a_simnet_da_05_m_16_ft_che_collega_un_prodotto_nmea_200 Cordiali saluti. Luigi Bianchi
B & G Troton2 package winde, depth, speed
New Display Triton2

Performance for all
The Triton and Pilots tools offer excellent performance, synonymous with B & G, for the common navigation and pleasure, in a package easy to use and affordable.

clearer screen -Triton offers a technology leader in the display industry. Tying optically the display, it provides a screen clearly visible in all conditions with no condensation.
Ease of use -I simple menus are easy to access thanks to the presence of functional buttons clearly marked
Intelligent Sail Steering
-Triton Low energy consumption uses a reduced amount of energy, allowing a greater navigation time without charging. The Triton displays use significantly less power than most of the competitors.
Integration chartplotter -You can navigate to a specific waypoint or follow a route connecting the pilot to the Triton compatible chartplotter

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