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ForwardScan technology Simrad
ForwardScan acquisition provides two-dimensional sonar images with front view of the seabed in front of your boat. In shallow water, unknown or poorly indicated on the cards, ForwardScan is an excellent defense to avoid going around in circles and an indispensable tool for locating safe sites to drop anchor.

The transducer ForwardScan operates at 180kHz to reduce interference coming from traditional fishfinders at 200kHz and provides:

A top front view of 8 times your current depth
eg. to a depth of 3m (10 feet), it offers a front view of up to 24m (80 feet)

Nominal front display equal to 4-5 times your current depth
eg. to a depth of 3m (10 feet), it offers a front view of 12-15m (40-50 feet).

Integration MFD evo2 NSS / evo2 NSO
ForwardScan connects quickly and easily to any multifunction display evo2 NSS Simrad StructureScan through the door, without the need for additional hardware. On modular systems evo2 NSO, or on evo2 NSS systems that already use StructureScan, ForwardScan can be connected via an optional SonarHub Simrad sounder module.

Marking color of the backdrop
Tracking color of the backdrop offers excellent 2D rendering of the seabed in front of your boat, for a display without noise and immediately understandable. Take your faster navigation decisions and having more information, without the need for interpreting the individual data supplied by the echo.

Marking color bottom with Only data tracking color of the backdrop

Display heading line
The display of the heading line integrates data on ForwardScan depth with the displayed heading line on the navigation of your MFD Simrad page. The line is represented by colored segments that represent the deep water, medium depth and shallow, with a range of customizable depth to match the draft of your vessel.

The scale of the front display range ForwardScan is automatically synchronized with the length of the bow line in split-screen display ForwardScan / navigation, the entire distance from your boat at the end of the heading line is represented in 2D on ForwardScan display. Combined quickly ForwardScan cartographic data with the depth and with your present course, to better understand what is in front of you.

easy installation
ForwardScan can be installed on almost all boats, with thru-hull fitting in 50.8 mm stainless steel (2 "). The assembly can be adapted to thin hulls of 25.4mm (1 ") with a 12 ° tilt angle, or the hulls of 19mm (3/4") with an angle of 20 °.

An optional pre-installation kit only includes sleeves and discs, allowing shipbuilders to provide ForwardScan as an upgrade option. A ForwardScan transducer can then be added by the dealer or the customer, even once the boat has already been launched.


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