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D Buongiorno. Volevo sapere se la confezione in offerta a 59 euro contiene una o due casse? per la spedizione come funziona? Grazie Cordiali saluti
R 24-05-2020 Buongiorno, confermo, si tratta di coppia di casse. Spedizione 8,00 euro. Cordiali saluti. Luigi Bianchi
D Salve , ero intenzionato ad acquistare questi altoparlanti ma dovrei dfissarle al soffitto di un box doccia , la mia domanda era se acquistando il modulo Bluetooth riuscivo a collegarmi con il cell accendendo la cassa stessa dall’interrutore ?? Grazie
R Buongiorno, no, Le serve anche un amplificatore, queste casse sono stagne per uso marino da abbinare a prodotti HiFi nautici. Cordiali saluti. Luigi Bianchi
Outside diameter 177mm


Nautical FUSION full range speakers are carefully designed and manufactured for marine use. All Marine Speakers FUSION full range boast a cone bass / unique, sophisticated medium, a titanium tweeter, magnetic shielding and building resistenteall'acqua.
The speakers have been tested thoroughly to ensure continuity and high level of performance on boats, where conditions are often difficult.
Fusion has designed an advanced titanium tweeter that produces a brighter sound than conventional tweeters. The central core is designed to strengthen the front grid, while protects from interference of external components (a powerful filter against the passage outside of the low sounds that allows the bait sound from the speaker in a more efficient way).
The cones of the speakers are made from a reinforced polypropylene component. They are then hot-pressed to form a thinner and stronger cone that makes it more defined sound, a better result and a great resistance to the harsh marine environment. The cone material has only recently been used in the hi-fi speaker and opens new scenarios for marine speaker.
Incorporating a motor structure screen that removes interference that may affect the marine instrumentation navigation.

- Reach 200watt Power
- Three types of grid provided: Standard, cloth and sports
- Titanium Tweeters for excellent high frequency
- Mounting hole: 127 mm

778 2000 022 speaker Couple MS-FR602 6 1/2 "
Type Tweeter: titanium shell
Maximum power (Watt): 200
Efficiency (1W / 1M): 90 dB
Frequency response: 90 - 22khz
Mounting depth: 75 mm
Impedance: 4 ohms
Magnet type: shielded.

For more info: www.fusionelectronics.com

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