Fusion SG-FL88SPC Chrome Speakers with LEDs

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€ 249,00 € 499,00 -50%
Built-in LED light with Chrome Grille

Designed by musicians

Pushing the limits of what's possible on the water, FUSION's Signature Series marine speakers are designed to deliver unmatched performance even when exposed to the harshest marine conditions.
Combining 'CURV' composite technology with a Silk Dome tweeter and fully sealed crossover components, the 8.8 "Classic Chrome Signature speaker system is an elegant solution for high quality water listening.

These 8.8 "Signature Series speakers are capable of handling up to 330 Watts of peak power.

The sporty-styled Signature Series speakers have diffuse two-color LED lighting options that illuminate Striking Blue or Sparkling White, both to set the mood and get the party started.

CURV Cone Technology: Incorporates a CURV woven fiber composite material that is heat pressed to form a lighter, stronger cone that offers greater sound definition and greater power, while providing greater protection from marine conditions.

Perforated metal grille - This discreet yet refined design is suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations. The elegant Classic White finish is designed to integrate perfectly with the aesthetics of your boat.

Fully Sealed Crossover Components - Provides complete protection from the harsh marine environment while delivering improved frequency response at the crossover point for a detailed audio spectrum and a new level of acoustic performance.

Silk Dome Tweeter - Creates a smooth top frequency response with greater efficiency, producing crisp sound for unrivaled enjoyment.

Large Diameter Voice Coil - Providing an increase in real power and efficiency, the voice coil provides unique sound unique to FUSION 8.8 "speakers.
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