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Garmin GHP ™ Reactor for mechanical steering / hydraulic / solenoids

Our most responsive autopilot
Compass AHRS (Attitude Heading Reference System) 9-axis solid state.
Reduction of deviation errors and broken, the movement of the rudder and less power consumption, for precise and comfortable navigation.
Designed to be installed without orientation constraints.
Timing calibration and greatly reduced initial setup.
Maintaining the course and direction of the wind angle (gWind ™ transducer required) with tack and jibe functions.

Garmin, thanks to the innovative range of autopilots GHP Reactor, provides advanced technology designed for sailing and motor boats. GHP Reactor is one of the most sensitive systems and reagents present on the market.
Autopilots GHP Reactor include features such as the maintenance of the direction of the route, the wind angle with tack and jibe functions and much more.
The GHP Reactor is an extremely versatile system. Compatible with hydraulic, mechanical and solenoid is ideal for sailing boats and motor boats. It is an indispensable help during navigation when you need to leave the helm to pursue other interests or control of other onboard devices.

AHRS - 9-axis solid-state compass
The GHP Reactor ensures performance never before achieved through the use of a solid state compass to 9 and axes of a reference system (AHRS) which minimizes the deviation errors and route, thus limiting the movement of the rudder and the boat power consumption, ensuring the maintenance of accurate and comfortable route.

Responsive in every situation
This extraordinary autopilot fits in any sea conditions to help you stay the course. The GHP Reactor is able to maintain also the route perfectly set in the case of roll and pitch with rough sea.

Timing calibration and initial setup greatly reduced
All autopilots require commissioning and calibration. The new autopilots Reactor, compared to previous versions, have simpler processes and set-up time and calibration decreased significantly, from 20 to 5 minutes.

Full integration with the Garmin chartplotter
With a network-compatible Garmin chartplotter you can have total control of the GHP Reactor directly from the display. Through BlueChart® g2 Vision cartography (sold separately) you can exploit the potential of the innovative Autoguidance function, following automatically the best route to reach a point on the GPS. The GHP Reactor, as well as stay on course in any sea condition, can easily make several pre-programmed procedures, such as research and trolling.

The GHP Reactor autopilot can be installed on motor and sailing boats that use hydraulic actuators CR, mechanical, solenoids and reversible pumps from other manufacturers. Also it can be used for the refitting of boats with pre-existing systems.

linear actuators
mechanical linear actuator for sailboats - Type A: linear actuators, durable, compact and lightweight, they are designed for extended use. Extremely efficient, allowing to minimize the boat's energy consumption. The A-type actuator can be used on displacement vessels up to 13 tons with mechanical steering. Mounted below deck, move directly to the axis of the rudder acting on the arm or prepared on the appropriate field.
hydraulic linear drive for sailing boats - type A: hydraulic linear actuators type A are intended for displacement vessels up to 22 tons and are made up of a hydraulic cylinder with clutch. The actuator type A unit connects to the rudder stock via an independent arm.
hydraulic linear drive for sailing boats - type B: B-type hydraulic linear actuators are designed to displacement boats up to 35 tons and are made up of a hydraulic cylinder with clutch, a reversible pump and a tank. The actuator type B connects to the rudder stock via an independent arm.

Access to networked devices
The GHP Reactor autopilot connects to your Garmin Marine Network through NMEA 2000® enabling data sharing with compatible chartplotter. It supports up to 3 GHC ™ 20 control unit for displaying data that can also be controlled via an optional wireless remote control or quatix®, the first GPS watch in the world for boating.

GRF ™ sensor 10
The GHP Reactor for mechanical / hydraulic steering / solenoids requires, when not included in the actuator, a Garmin GRF 10 sensor to obtain data on the position of the rudder and increase course stability during navigation.

color display GHC 20
ECU (Electronic Control Unit)
CCU (Course Compass Unit)
connecting cable CCU / ECU
ECU power cable
NMEA 2000® installation kit

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