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D Buongiorno, sono intenzionato all'acquisto di questo modello Garmin Echo Map UHD 92cv con trasduttore. Di trasduttori non ci capisco molto, uso l'eco prevalentemente in acqua dolce, lago di Garda e non so che trasduttore acquistare abbinato all'eco. Nel mio vecchio eco trasnetteva a 50/200 KHZ, il GT54 è High Wide, vuol dire che è anche 50/200 Khz? Scusate per la confusione. Grazie
R 12-07-2020 Buonasera, oggi i trasduttori sono profondamente cambiati rispetto ai classici 50-200khz, nello specifico il GT54 non ha le frequenze a 50-200, bensì ha frequenze Chirp con una scansione che parte dai 150 fino ai 240khz, oltre alle frequenze per la funzione UHD fino a 1.200khz, quindi notevolmente indicato per utilizzo in acqua dolce. Le ricordo che è in promo fino a fine Luglio con cartografia gratis: Cordiali saluti. Luigi Bianchi
D Buonasera volevo sapere se lo strumento Garmin echoMAP UHD 92SV eco/plotter 9" dal prezzo 989 euro senza trasduttore, è compreso di cartografia...e se nel caso non dovesse essere compreso di cartografia volevo sapere quale fosse il prezzo x la cartografia...grazie mille
R 07-07-2020 Buon pomeriggio, cartografia non inclusa nel prezzo, compatibile con una delle seguenti che trova nella categoria dedicata: Inoltre di seguito codice Coupon per lo sconto extra 5%: idyxv37q Cordiali saluti. Luigi Bianchi
D Salve, vorrei abbinare a questo echoMAP il trasduttore GT15 che cosa mi consiglia. Consideri che mi serve per la profondita dai 300 ai 500 mt. Grazie
R 03-05-2020 Buon pomeriggio, su quelle profondità purtroppo abbiamo poche alternative, solo trasduttori da 1kw. Il GT15 oltretutto, trattandosi di trasduttore da 600w, con l'echoMAP non sarebbe pienamente sfruttato dato che gli echoMAP hanno potenza di 500w. Quindi da valutare meglio un 7408xsv, che consente l'abbinamento contemporaneamente di trasduttori fino ad 1kw di potenza: Cordiali saluti. Luigi Bianchi
Garmin Chirp echoMAP 92sv Combi eco / plotter 9 "Only Display
Transducer and cartografoa excluded

The CHIRP technology easier to use
Color display 9 "and keyboard control
5Hz GPS receiver integrated that updates the location and direction 5 times per second
Innovative technology CHIRP
Technology Garmin DownVü ™
rotating support bracket / tilting included
sounder Panoptix ™ support for a 360 ° (transducer not included)
Includes software for creating custom maps HD Quickdraw Contours

The new echoMAP CHIRP 92sv comes with a 9 "color display with automatic backlight adjustment. The GPS / GLONASS receiver from 5 Hz high-sensitivity updates the direction and position 5 times a second to display the boat's movements so fluid and dynamic. echoMAP CHIRP 92sv comes with the innovative function DownVü / SideVü. it 's easy to install and can be removed from the bracket with a simple gesture.

The difference Garmin CHIRP
The echoMAP CHIRP Series incorporates the best scanning technology available today. Unlike traditional systems which send a single frequency at a time, the CHIRP technology at the same time send a signal on multiple frequencies, from the highest to the lowest, then interpreting the echo of each single frequency. This continuous spectrum provides a greater amount of information CHIRP sonar, which uses them to draw up clearer images and high resolution.
E 'can also record immagni sonar and GPS location here were detected and save them or play them on your computer using the HomePort planning software.

Fishfinder DownVü technology and SideVü
The DownVü and SideVü technology uses high frequency to provide a clearer view of the items below and to the sides of the boat, producing a more detailed representation of objects, structures and fish. The echoMAP 92sv combines CHIRP sonar technology Garmin HD-ID with that traditional sonar scanning DownVü and SideVü. The displayed data sull'ecoscandaglio, synchronized perfectly with the boat's position, can be stored on a microSD support, through Sonar recoding function.

Create your own HD maps
Quickdraw Contours is the new totally free feature that allows the most demanding fishermen and ship owners to trace autonomously their bathymetric. The result appears immediately on the screen of your echoMAP CHIRP and can also be shared with other users for free.
You can use it with any transducer Panoptix ™ Garmin HD-ID fishfinder, transducer compatible with Garmin DownVü or CHIRP transducer compatible with NMEA 2000. You have more depth sounders installed on board? Quickdraw Contours automatically selects the most effective to provide optimal results.

Direction and current position 5 times a second
GPS / GLONASS receiver from 5 Hz high-sensitivity updates the direction and position 5 times a second to display the boat's movements so fluid and dynamic. It allows you to carefully mark up to 5,000 waypoints and select the route to reach the points particularly full of fish.

Bring your echoMAP
The installation cables are connected directly to the bracket. This allows you to quickly install and remove the echoMAP from the support without having to intervene on the links.

Please upgrade to the best maps for boating
The memory is expandable thanks to the microSD ™ card slot. This allows you to install the maps Garmin BlueChart® g2 and BlueChart® g2 Vision®. BlueChart g2 Vision offers the unique Garmin Auto Guidance feature that guides you directly to where you want instantly creating a route to the vessel specifications, you can follow to avoid the shallow water, and other obstacles on the paper reported.

Auto Guidance optimized
Auto Guidance technology automatically calculates the safest and most reliable route to reach the destination determined by us. The Auto Guidance feature, using the map data, automatically processes the best route and avoid any obstacles along the navigation. From today, this unique feature Garmin offers even more features and functionality in version 2.0. With the Auto Guidance 2.0 you have the option to edit a route, review the most dangerous points, display anywhere on the suggested route, the navigation estimated time; save the planned route. The Auto Guidance 2.0 is included in BlueChart® g2 Vision cartography

GPX waypoint transfer
If you have waypoints, tracks or routes stored on the GPS of another manufacturer or on a portable Garmin device, it is now easier than ever to import them to your new Garmin plotter, using the data in GPX format. The GPX format is an open standard support for the exchange of GPS data between different platforms and applications. With this development, you are guaranteed that all important data stored on an old tool are maintained and transferred to your new Garmin device.

echoMAP CHIRP 92sv
power / data cable
Quick release support
mounting kit collection
GT52-TM transducer (12 pin)
Brackets for installation at the stern or electric motor
NMEA 2000 cable
Fast guide
Appearance and performance
Physical size 28.8 cm x5,1 cm cmx16,3
Screen size, WxH cmx11,2 19.8 cm; 22.75 cm (9 ") diagonal
Display Resolution, WxH 480 x 800 pixels
Type of Display WVGA screen
Weight 1 kg
Water resistance classification IPX7
Internal or external GPS antenna on the NMEA 2000 network
NMEA 2000® compatible
NMEA 0183 compatible
11W power consumption
Mounting Options On bracket or flush
Garmin Marine Network ™ ports 1 port Panoptix ™

Maps & Memory
No preloaded cartography
Accepts data cards 1 microSD ™ card
5,000 waypoints
storable paths 100
Track log 50,000 points; 50 saved tracks
chartplotter functions
Compatible with Garmin sounder module Yes
Supports AIS
Supports DSC
tide tables
BlueChart® Mobile (planning) compatible

Features and Specifications sounder
Dual-frequency sonar
Sonar double cone
Supported frequencies CHIRP (low, mid, high)
Traditional: 50/77/200 kHz
DownVü: 260/455/800 kHz
SideVü: 260/455/800 kHz
Transmission power 500 W (RMS) / 4,000 W (peak to peak)
CHIRP sonar technology Yes (Built-in)
DownVü ™ Yes (integrated)
SideVü ™ Yes (integrated)
maximum depth of 2,300 feet to 77 kHz, fresh water 1,100 feet to 77 kHz, salt water (the depth capability depends on the type of bottom and from other water conditions)
Bottom lock (shows return from the bottom)
Log and graph of the water temperature
Sonar recording
Sonar history rewind

Number of the transducer pin 12
NMEA 0183 input ports 1
NMEA 0183 output ports 1
Video input ports None
Video output ports None

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