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D Hello good afternoon I’m interested in this item Can you please confirm what country map is it Thank you
R Hi, in the second picture you can find the coverage of the map. Best regards. Luigi Bianchi
D questa versione è compatibile sia con garmin 922xs che con GPSMAP 78S? grazie
R Buongiorno, confermo la compatibilità per entrambi. Purtroppo però al momento le ho esaurite. Mi arriveranno verso i primi della prossima settimana, mi spiace. Cordiali saluti. Luigi Bianchi
D Buona sera, Sono interessato alla cartografia sopra riportata, volevo sapere se è compatibile con il modello Garmin 722 xs. volevo inoltre sapere se per il mod. sopra descritto, avete come ricambio la staffa di montaggio con le relative manopole. Potete gentilmente farmi avere il miglior prezzo per entrambi ? Grazie mille buona serata
R Buonasera, confermo la compatibilità. Il prezzo per la staffa con pomelli è di 29,00 euro, totale per entrambi trasporto incluso, 388,00 euro. Cordiali saluti. Luigi Bianchi
Garmin cartography G2 Vision Large Mediterranean

The sophisticated cartography BlueChart g2 Vision, thanks to the faithful reproduction of the coast and landmarks, is the ideal solution for demanding customers who want to learn about and view 360 degrees the characteristics of the sea and the surrounding environment while navigating.
Through the use of advanced features and functionality such as high-resolution satellite imagery, perspective views, three-dimensional dynamic display above and below the waterline, Auto Guidance technology for automatic calculation of the chosen route, aerial photos of harbors, marinas, and other points of interest, it is finally possible to achieve extremely realistic navigation data.
BlueChart® g2 Vision cartography, as well as providing a very realistic view of the map data contained in the maps, you can optimize navigation through the use of various advanced features and functionality such as

Auto Guidance feature for the automatic route calculation
High-resolution satellite imagery
Detailed photographs of harbors, marinas and other conspicuous points
Mariner's Eye 3D for a dynamic display in three-dimensional perspective of land profiles and fund compliance
Fish Eye 3D, innovative function for displaying the conformity of the seafloor in 3D perspective below the water line
Fishing Chart, extremely useful for fishermen, provides detailed bathymetric data of the seabed to better identify the most important fishing areas
Charts of tides, currents, marine services, coastal roads and points of interest such as restaurants and accommodation, fuel, port services and more.

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