Raymarine fishfinder module CP470 Chirp

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Raymarine depth sounder module CP470 Chirp

CHIRP Sonar Module
Designed for serious anglers, the CP470 sonar module is the best product that can separate high-resolution target CHIRP sonar, with amazing images for Raymarine multifunction displays. Using a broad spectrum of frequencies and a greater sensitivity advanced, thanks to the technology of the Chirp CP470, can see through shoals of fish, identify termoclimi, and simultaneously the target fish for the desired type of fishing.
Rated for use in offshore and harsh conditions, the CP470 intelligently filters out unwanted noise, produces high-resolution fish targets and provides the reliable bottom tracking.

Intelligent Offshore Sonar
Definition of the upper target and increased sensitivity using the unique technology of the CHIRP sonar Raymarine broad spectrum.
Target fish, locate the bait, and keep track of the seabed up to 10,000 ft. (3,000 m) with two adjustable CHIRP sonar channels.

Clear and crisp detail
Thanks to 10 times more than ordinary sonar resolution, the CP470 delivers sharper detail, more defined target fish and unwanted maggiorni anti-noise automatic filters, so do not miss the 'underlying stock.
of TruZoom ™ magnification mode reveals additional, detailed objectives without any loss of resolution.

simple Customization
Choose the high frequency CHIRP standard wide beam transducers to meet the fishing preferences.
The CP470 will automatically recognize the connected sensors and adjusts sonar parameters to optimize performance
Displays and controls each channel independently CHIRP and create your own combination of windows, full sonar screen or split on Raymarine multifunction displays

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