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D Sono indeciso tra il RAYMARINE ELEMENT 7 HV COMBO ECO/GPS 7" con trasduttore HV-100 HYPERVISION ed il LOWRANCE HOOK REVEAL 9 GPS/ECO DISPLAY 9" con trasduttore TRIPLESHOT DOWN e SIDESCAN POPPA. Hanno prezzi simili, ritengo l'ELEMENT 7 migliore ma il fatto che il LOWRANCE sia 9" può interessarmi, sempre che sia al livello dell'ELEMENT 7. Può darmi un consiglio per piacere. Grazie e saluti F. Sarnelli
R 02-03-2020 Buon pomeriggio, dalle indiscrezioni che abbiamo avuto dai vari clienti, ci indicano che le prestazioni del Hook con trasduttore Tripleshot, sono su massimi fondali intorno ai ca 80mt in eco standard e ca 40mt in Down e Side, mentre su Element siamo ca intorno ai 150 mt e 40/50mt in Down e Side Vision. Per il resto le funzioni si equivalgono salvo il fatto che Element ha una porta di comunicazione NMEA 2000 e può essere abbinato al radar, mentre gli Hook no. Cordiali saluti. Luigi Bianchi
D Salve, stavo pensando di mettere a riposo il mio hds 5 e dato che ho un hds gen3 vorrei sapere se con la nmea 2000 posso far dialogare i 2 strumenti ed inoltre se c'è ancora in omaggio la cartografia Navionics. Saluti
R Buonasera, può collegare i due strumenti in NMEA 2000, però saranno condivisi solo i dati numerici, non rotte, videate tipo eco o Chartplotter. Possiamo eventualmente proporLe in omaggio ancora la Navionics Small Free Chart. Cordiali saluti. Luigi Bianchi
D Salve vorrei sapere se a questo GPS si può abbinare il Telecomando SMARTCONTROL per pilota automatico grazie
R Buonasera, in realtà sia lo Smartcontroller che S100 si abbinano agli autopiloti Raymarine, non al Display GPS. Nell'eventualità che a bordo non sia presente l'autopilota si potranno visualizzare sul Display dello Smartcontroller solo i dati numerici provenienti dall'Element. Cordiali saluti. Luigi Bianchi

The brand new Dragonfly 7, belongs to the new generation of revolutionaries ecoscandaglii / GPS Dragonfly, equipped with CHIRP technology to Raymarine wide spectrum.

CHIRP fishfinder superior - Easily identify underwater structures and the fish
Display for all weather conditions - bright and guaranteed against fogging
Connection and condividisione - The Pro models send the sonar images directly to your smartphone

A sophisticated marine electronic instrument made it incredibly simple to Raymarine.
Change your vision of the seabed and catch more fish with CHIRP technology DownVision ™ broad spectrum of Dragonfly 7. Easily identify the fish and underwater objects with images similar images. The color LCD display and high definition, suitable for all weather conditions, shows clear images from any visual angle. Passes with Dragonfly to a smarter sounder.

The Dragonfly difference
Dragonfly CHIRP technology employs a truly broad-spectrum, representing a leap into the future. Dragonfly makes use of the CHIRP technology to transmit through a wider spectrum of frequencies, ensuring exceptional detail, the identification of a greater number of fish and visualization of the structures with unprecedented clarity.

CHIRP Downvision ™ - Simply the best visual echo sounder
CHIRP DownVision ™ will change the way you look at the underwater world with crisp bottom images such as photographs. The CHIRP DownVision Dragonfly ™ technology overcomes the common fishfinders thanks to deepwater superior throughput up to 600 feet (180 m) and quick and reliable tracing of the seabed.

improved vision
Each Dragonfly integrates an LCD display with optical bonding technology. Once available only in high-end instruments, the display optical bonding technology of Dragonfly, suitable for all weather conditions, offering brighter colors, sharper contrast and are guaranteed against fogging.

Connection and wireless sharing
The Dragonfly PRO models offer integrated Wi-Fi connectivity. Anglers can transmit streaming data directly on their smartphone or tablet with the mobile app Raymarine Wi-Fish ™. Wi-Fish puts Dragonfly sonar images literally at your fingertips, to review and acquire images to share online with friends.

Technical features:
rated supply voltage 12 V DC
operating voltage range 10.8 to 15.6 VDC
Consumption (with full lighting) 4DV - 3 W RMS | 4DVS - 3.9 W RMS | 4pro - 4.3 W RMS | 5DVS - 4.7 W RMS | 5M - 2.9 W RMS | 5Pro - 5.3 W RMS | 7Pro - 9 W RMS
Connections Input combined feeder / transducer (5M model: single power supply input)
IPX6 and IPX7 waterproof standard
Screen size Dragonfly 4 (all models): 4.3 "| Dragonfly 5 (all models): 5.0" | Dragonfly 7: 7,0 "
Screen resolution Dragonfly 4 (all models): 480 x 272 WQVGA | Dragonfly 5 (all models): 800 x 480 WVGA | Dragonfly 7: 800 x 480 WVGA
Dragonfly size 4 (all models): 16: 9 | Dragonfly 5 (all models): 15: 9 | Dragonfly 7: 15: 9

GPS Channels 72
card compatibility cards vector and raster LightHouse | Navionics Gold, Plus, and HotMaps SonarChart | C-MAP by Jeppesen
3000 waypoints
traces 15
MicroSD card support

Type of echo sounder sounder CHIRP (all models except 5M)
Channel echo sounder 2 channels - conical beam echosounder + large beam DownVision ™ range (all models except 5M)
Depth scale 600 feet (183 m) Both sounder channels and 900 feet (275m) DownVision ™

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