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D Buonasera Avrei bisogno di sapere se questo VHF/AIS è tipo A o B. Riceve e trasmette la propria posizione a tutti? Permette di vedere gli altri apprati AIS intorno? Quante antenne e quali ha bisogno di aver collegate? Potete indicarmi le misure gentilmente? Grazie
R Buonasera, l'AIS incorporato nei VHF è solo ricevente, quindi nessuno dei due A o B, permette quindi solo di vedere le barche che hanno sistemi A o B. Necessita solamente dell'antenna di bordo. Potrà trovare tutti i dati tecnici al seguente link: http://www.raymarine.it/radio-vhf/ray73/ Cordiali saluti. Luigi Bianchi
Raymarine Ray 70 VHF AIS and GPS
Approved VHF - Power 25 watts

News! Multifunction radio system Ray70: VHF, AIS, megaphone output, intercom
Look, let's hear and see! The new Raymarine Ray70 radio is the most innovative communication solution "all in one" for the captains who demand the most. The multifunction Ray70 VHF radio comes standard with a feature-rich radio VHF, AIS receiver, megaphone output, and even remote mount and Intercom function!

The optimal solution "all in one" for communications
The Ray70 radio is equipped with a powerful 25 W VHF radio with a removable handheld microphone with noise cancellation and high quality audio. The standard VHF functionalities include the ability to select the high / low-power, dual-watch, tri-watch, NOAA weather alerts, scan all channels and much more. Of course, the Ray70 radio supports the selective digital call function class D and seamlessly integrates with Raymarine multifunction displays by connecting to the network with NMEA 2000 and NMEA 0183 standards.

integrated GPS
The radio Ray70 is also equipped with a GPS receiver 72 channel to guarantee to always have a fixed position for emergency calls.
AIS integrated
The AIS integral receiver Ray70 simplifies installation and provides essential information for ship traffic to the navigation display compatible.
megaphone integrated
For communications on deck and in noisy environments, the Ray70 radio is also equipped with an output of 25 W megaphone with listenback functionality. Megaphone allows you to easily interact with the crew on deck, or on the pier with the boats that are nearby. Simply connect the Ray70 the fog horn Raymarine weatherproof, available as an optional accessory. In bad weather you can also use the megaphone of Ray70 to generate acoustic signals in fog for passing or anchored boats, as required by the navigation code.

AIS and GPS receiver with 72 channels with WAAS
Output 25-watt megaphone with listenback function and automatic fog horn
Dual station and Intercom function with optional handset
LCD large display for better viewing
removable handheld microphone with built-in controls and relocation microphone function
removable frame gunmetal and black frame optional

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