Ocean Thermal imager Flir Scout 320 Portable

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Raymarine Thermal Camera Portable TH 32

The night vision power also to total darkness!

The new thermal imaging cameras TH-Series Raymarine allow you to see clearly even in total darkness. The two portable models make use of the same technology to thermal imaging FLIR used in advanced systems for night vision fixed mount, but in portable size, the cost.
TH-Series thermal imaging cameras detect small changes in temperature (not light), allowing you to see buoys, floating objects, rocks, bridges and other vessels in total darkness!
Also in emergency situations, thermal imagers allow you to quickly find persons in, quality is crucial when even a few minutes Possoni make a difference.

InstAlert exclusive function (see photo 3):
The uniqueness of Flir InstAlert function turn red the hottest part of the scene. Qusto makes it easier to identify suspicious points of the thermal image.

Main features:
320x240 video resolution
Easy operation with three keys
Robust design resistant to all weather conditions
Ultra-compact and lightweight (336 g)
Battery Long-life rechargeable Li-Ion
LED TaskLight
Field of view 24º x 18º
2x digital zoom (TH32 only)
IP-67 compliance

For more info: www.raymarine.it

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