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Vulcan 7 FS B & G

The B & G Vulcan7 FS Display is a powerful all-in-one chart plotter and depth sounder for small-mid sized sail boats. Vulcan7 FS Incorporates B & G's forward looking collision avoidance sonar technology for safe passage making in areas where chart accuracy is uncertain. Also Vulcan7 will connect to B & G sailing instruments and autopilot systems for a fully integrated electronics package.
No physical buttons and low profile mounting options makes Vulcan7 one of the cleanest and most integrated navigation devices looking for aftermarket installs. Combine this with an extensive set of advanced software sailing features inherited from it's bigger brother, the Zeus2, and the Vulcan 7 is the go-to standalone navigation display for the aspiring sailor.

Gofree ™ Compatible with built in Wi-Fi functionality
Advanced networking NMEA2000®
Forwardscan sonar technology
Dedicated Sailing Features
Sailing Time
Autopilot capability

Key Features

Easy to use multi-touch user interface
Glass dash styling
Super bright widescreen display
Built in Wi-Fi connectivity
Built in 10 Hz GPS antenna
Micro SD card slot
Built in echosounder (Broadband & Chirp)
Built in ForwardScan sonar
Built in DownScan Imaging
Operates with ZC1 and ZC2 Remote controller
Advanced NMEA2000 networking
BEP C-Zone Integration
Fusion Links Audio Support - including multiple audio servers
NMEA Data Logging
GRIB Weather support
SailSteer, laylines with Sailing Time, WindPlot
Adjustable page split ratios and panel layouts
Best in Class Cartography support

Internal Echosounder B & G Vulcan7 FS is a complete standalone Multi Function Display. For the sailors That want to see what is below Their boat in high detail, the Vulcan 7 features internal CHIRP sonar and DownScan Imaging ™

Easily determinates depth
Distinguish different types seabed for safe anchoring
Collision avoidance using built-in ForwardScan

Internal Wi-Fi Vulcan 7 standalone MFD's can be controlled directly from your iPad or Android tablet.

Mirror the screen on your compatible smart phones.
Built in Wi-Fi Allows hassle free integration with the Gofree ™ Shop.
Receive automatic software updates
Download the latest charts
Download a variety of apps to Enhance sailing experiences
Upload Insight Genesis ™ sonar logs and downloads personal and Social Map maps

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