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Black Box Multi-Beam Echosounder 800 W 165 kHz

It is possible to view the image of the multibeam sonar in customizable screens by connecting the DFF-3D to the multifunction displays of the NavNet TZT / TZT2 series. The screen is divisible up to three portions in which the modes can be displayed simultaneously: Cross Section, Triple Beam and 3D Mode. The choice is very flexible and can vary from user to user.


DFF-3D is equipped with MULTIBEAM technology. Inside the probe there are 41 elements capable of covering a surface of 120 ° from starboard to port of the boat. This allows you to reach targets that could hardly be detected with monotonous technology, scanning a much larger surface of water than that of traditional fishfinders.


The Cross Section mode allows the real-time display of what happens on the entire water column, while the triple beam mode identifies the three beams (right, left and amidships) making it possible to precisely position a target in real time or in the history [Example of Triple Beam mode] 3D MODE AND SIDE SCAN

The 3D mode is a three-dimensional processing of the background structure and the present targets detected by the transducer beam. The bottom and individual fish are indicated with different colors based on the depth reached, the power of the echo and other parameters preset by the user. The Side Scan mode, on the other hand, is the two-dimensional projection of the echo sounder image, useful for evaluating small variations in depth. [Example of 3D History / Side Scan mode] FLEXIBLE LAYOUT

With TZT / TZT2 display units, one, two or three windows are available. The choice of mode for each window is very flexible like the following examples. In example 1 the Triple Beam, Cross Section and 3D History modes are chosen. In example 2 the Side Scan, Triple Beam and 3D History modes are chosen. Instead in the example 3 Chart, Triple Beam and 3D History are chosen. In the last example 4 the Echosounder modes from another DFF and Triple Beam from the DFF-3D are chosen.


DFF-3D is supplied with two types of transducer: through-hull in bronze with fairing block (hydrodynamic shoe), or for mounting from the transom. In both versions the probe is equipped with motion and temperature sensors [The transuder with fairing block

Black Box multibeam sonar module compatible with Navnet TZT and TZT2 series. It is equipped with a transducer with a 120 degree opening beam with an operating frequency of 165 kHz and 800 W power. The maximum guaranteed depth is 200 meters. Four operating modes are available: Cross Section for immediate viewing over the entire width of the cone, Triple Beam for a screen divided into three sections of 40 degrees each indicating starboard, port and amidships; 3D History for the three-dimensional view of the fundus structure and the targets present, and finally the lateral view also known as Side Scan. The transducer contains a motion sensor that compensates for the roll of the boat to obtain a clear image in all weather conditions


1 x DFF-3D processor
1 x 3.5m power cable
1 x 5m LAN cable
1 x Installation Materials


Power supply: 12/24 V
Ethernet: 1
Frequency: 165kHz
Power: 800W
Sealing: 55 IP
D. Buon pomeriggio volevo sapere se il trasduttore è incluso nel prezzo del Dff3d grazie
R. 07-03-2021 Buongiorno, si tratta della box DFF3D senza trasduttore. Compatibile con i trasduttori DFF3D 165 versione poppa o passante: https://www.painestore.it/furuno_trasd_tm150m_chirp_poppa_1 https://www.painestore.it/furuno_trasd_tm150m_chirp_poppa_1_1 Cordiali saluti. Luigi Bianchi
D. volendo installare il sistema furuno dff3d, quale display e quale sonda si dovrebbe abbinare . grazie
R. 23-02-2021 Buonasera, compatibile con i nuovi Display serie TZT: https://www.painestore.it/cerca?keywords=tzt Compatibile con i trasduttore DFF3D in versione sia passante che di poppa: https://www.painestore.it/furuno_trasd_tm150m_chirp_poppa_1_1 https://www.painestore.it/furuno_trasd_tm150m_chirp_poppa_1 Cordiali saluti. Luigi Bianchi
D. Salve, il traduttore lo si compra separatamente?
R. 27-12-2020 Buongiorno, sì certo, non è incluso nella confezione, disponibile in versione passante e poppa: https://www.painestore.it/furuno_trasd_tm150m_chirp_poppa_1_1 https://www.painestore.it/furuno_trasd_tm150m_chirp_poppa_1 Cordiali saluti. Luigi Bianchi
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