Scanstrut ROKK Cove LED SC-CW-10F wireless phone charging

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€ 139,00 € 164,70 -16%
Scanstrut ROKK COVE LED Charging Wireless Phone SC-CW-10F
Store. Charge. Connect.

Cove LED 10W securely holds and charges your phone wirelessly at the same time. Now you can keep your phone in a safe place on board, hidden, charged and ready to use!
Equipped with our new waterproof RGB LED lights, which allow you to connect to any RGB control system. Now you can keep your phone in a safe place on board, deep, charged and ready to use!
Perfect for integration into consoles, seats, furniture and more! Just slide your phone into your pocket and instantly start charging wirelessly. Super snug mat prevents your phone from sliding inside. The front edge with an easy-to-access thumb bevel acts as a safety barrier, making sure your phone stays in the cove!

Nice design
The rounded corners and tapered front design eliminate all risk of entanglement, making it possible to install in high traffic areas of the boat where until now charging / storing the phone was impossible.
Simple installation
A simple cut in the chosen mounting position, 4 screws supplied for fixing and a front band to leave the final result neat and tidy: now you are ready for the Store. Load. Connect!
Wash Down
Worried about letting the water in? No problem! Cove automatically drains from the front or through the self-drilling drains at the rear of the housing with the ability to use a push-fit drain hose to convey water.
Double function
Featuring intelligent foreign object detection, Cove is perfect for storing other personal items such as wallets and keys as the charger will only start charging when the phone is placed on the mat, nothing else!

The Qi certified IPX6 12 / 24V waterproof wireless charging range enables wireless charging for the outdoors, without the need for phone charging cables.
Designed from the ground up, this is the world's first waterproof wireless charging system created specifically for use on board, with the unique technology housed in a fully encapsulated and sealed IPX6 unit.
The most convenient way to wirelessly store and charge your phone on board indoors or outdoors! Cove safely guards and charges your phone wirelessly at the same time. Now you can keep your phone in a safe place on board, hidden, charged and ready to use!
Our new upgraded 10W chargers are up to 60% faster and have been designed for the latest generation of power hungry devices and apps.
Our improvements don't just stop there, now with an easier alignment of the phone with a larger charging area and electrical components that have been improved to significantly improve the phone's charging times, even in the harshest outdoor environments.
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