Conditions of Sale

These terms and conditions govern the contractual relationship between the customer of the online shop (hereinafter referred to as "buyer" at the end of clarity) and the company:
P.A.I.N.E. Snc
Via Lucio Lando 95
47921 Rimini RN
Content of the general terms and conditions

The content of these terms and general conditions rule all contracts concluded between the buyer and the seller regarding the website A contract is subject to the version of the terms and conditions applicable at the time when the contract is concluded.
Any by the purchaser provided that contradict or deviate from these terms and the general conditions do not form part of the contract unless expressly agreed in writing by the seller.

Geographic area

The products offered by are delivered all over Europe. 'To knocks and deliveries abroad please contact us at:

Validity and Termination of Contract
All product information provided on, such as technical specifications, images, dimensions or compatibility particulars are not binding and are subject to change at any time, unless they are not expressly identified as binding.

Tenders of are not binding. By submitting an order, the buyer declares his binding intention to purchase the goods contained in the basket. The receipt of the order is confirmed by the seller with an e-mail. This' normally occurs within 24 hours of the order by the buyer. We reserve the right to cancel the order in special cases (for example merchandise went out of production, inventory errors, improvista unavailability of the product, price typos). In these cases we will contact the buyer to offer him alternative or cancel the order. The order is definitively accepted by the seller with the delivery confirmation of the same sent by e-mail to the customer.

Supply of goods

The shipment can 'be ensured by requiring the option before the checkout, and only in this case, for theft or damage results during transport, we will send a new parcel without any charges for customers.
For delivery of the goods is necessary the presence of Customer or its representative at the address indicated in the order. Upon delivery of the goods by the Courier, the Customer must check that the number of boxes is the same as indicated in the transport document, and that the package is intact or altered. Any damage to the parcel and / or products or the mismatch in the number of packages must be immediately notified via control written reserve on the Courier's proof of delivery. Once signed the document courier, the customer can not make any objection about the appearance because of the package delivered.
In case of return at our office package and stock for stock at the courier, they will be charged 15 euros due to costs of storage themselves that the courier charges us.
If for reasons not dependent on our will were made you unavailable at the time of delivery, you can contact the office of the courier of your city and arrange for later delivery or collection at the headquarters of the same courier. is not economically responsible for parcels left in storage at the courier. The customer who has not been able to agree with the seat of his city an agreement for a second delivery, or withdrawal at the venue, it assumes the load of the successful completion of the shipment. If the courier we recapitasse for the failure to collect from the client package, contact the customer to eventual return and requesting the refund of any costs of storage as well as for the shipping costs incurred (return to www. and those to bear (delivery to the customer). If the customer does not wish to fulfill the payment of the costs incurred or will not put in contact to agree on, or following our email with the request for reimbursement for expenses incurred does not respond within a reasonable period of time of 7 days (seven), www withhold the goods not withdrawn for non-compliance on the part of the customer.

Price and shipping costs

The price shown on the website is not binding and become only at the moment of delivery of the order confirmation. It can happen, in fact, that the prices quoted on the Site are incorrect. In this case the customer is entitled to withdraw from the sales contract and receive a refund, if he had already paid.
(>>> See shipping costs)


Orders placed on can be paid by bank transfer, credit card, paypal, or by cash. Further information can be indicated in the payment section of
(>>> See payment methods)

Warranty and Service

Items purchased on are guaranteed 24 months. This guarantee is the European Union and will apply to products that present lack of conformity and / or failures not evident at the time of purchase, provided the product is used properly and with due diligence and that in respect of its destination and as provided in the any technical documentation, compliance with the various operating rules specified.
Whatever product referred to as "USED" means it is a formulation that is regenerated by us or by the parent and put back on the market as not new. The warranty covers only 12 months with receipt or invoice.
The included accessories included with a product (batteries etc) have a 6 month warranty. In this case you have to check with the manufacturer of the product as regards the duration of the warranty. The guarantee will not be applicable in case of negligence and carelessness in the use and maintenance of the product, the purchased is connected to electrical installations or any other type of connection is not up to standard. The guarantee is personal and will apply only to the original buyer, being restricted to direct customers and not to dealers, retailers, etc.
In any case, the "guarantee" will be less, than that for the natural effect of the duration period, also in any of sale to a third of what purchased by the customer or in the event of its destruction.

Right of withdrawal

Under Article. 5 DL 185/1999, if the customer is a consumer (ie a person who buys goods for purposes not related to his professional activity, or does the purchase by indicating in the order form a reference to of VAT), he is entitled to terminate the purchase contract for any reason, without explanation and without penalty, except as described in the following point.
To exercise this right, the customer must send a notice to that effect within 10 working days from the date of receipt of goods. Such notice shall be sent by registered letter with return receipt addressed to:

P.A.I.N.E. Snc
Via Lucio Lando 95
47921 Rimini RN

or by telegram or fax sent within the said period of 10 days and followed by a confirmation by registered letter with return receipt to be sent within the next 48 hours. Once such notice of withdrawal, the Customer Service will quickly inform the customer instructions on how to return the goods that must be received within 10 days from

The right of withdrawal is subject to the following conditions:
The law applies to product purchased in its entirety; it can be exercised only on the withdrawal of the product (ex .: accessories. attachments software. etc ...);
The law does not apply to sealed software products (including those attached to any hardware), once opened;
the purchased goods must be intact, it should not have been used and returned in original packaging, complete in all its parts (including packaging and any documentation and accessories: manuals, cables, etc ...); to limit damage to the original package, we recommend, when possible, to put it in another box on which to affix the destination address; It should be avoided in all cases the attachment of labels or tape directly on the packaging of the product;
according to law, the shipping costs for return of the asset are charged to the customer; the cost of sending the goods to the customer will not be reimbursed, because the service has been regularly paid.
The shipment, until the certificate of receipt in our warehouse is under the responsibility of the customer;
if the goods are damaged during transport, www.painestore.icomwill inform the customer (within 5 working days from receipt of the goods in their stores), to enable him to file a timely complaint against the carrier of his choice and obtain reimbursement of the value of the property (if insured); in this case the product will be made available to the customer for its return, while canceling the request for withdrawal; not responsible in any way for damage or theft / loss of goods returned by uninsured shipments;
on his arrival in stock, the product will be examined to assess any damages not caused by transport. If the package and / or the original packaging are damaged, will deduct from the refund due to a percentage, but no more than 10 of it, towards the cost of restoration.
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