Painestore collaborates with Milano Teleport, an authorized Starlink reseller to offer the maritime connection service using Starlink satellites.

Starlink is a global satellite broadband communications network, developed by SpaceX to provide high-speed Internet access.


The center of the Starlink network is a growing constellation of low-orbit (LEO) satellites. The satellites, which are positioned about 340 miles above the surface
terrestrial and are designed to provide global Internet coverage. The network is made up of two types of satellites: ground-facing satellites, which receive and transmit
data from user devices, and gateway satellites, which transmit data between user-facing satellites and ground stations.

One of the strengths of the system is the modularity which allows additional satellites to be added as needed, allowing for greater capacity and coverage.
The system uses a process called phased array beamforming, which allows the network to track and deliver data to users at speeds of up to 250 MBPS.

The HP Basic Kit Includes:

-Starlink Flat Hp,
-Wedge Mount Kit,
-Power Supply, 8 m (26.2 ft),
-5m Ethernet Cable,
-Wi-Fi Router,
-Router Mount
-Power Supply Mount.

Our HP kit includes:

Our proposal also includes 2 very important accessories which are essential if you want to install the antenna on the rolbar of a motor boat
or on the spreader of a sailing boat.

-25m Power & Data Cable for High Performance Antenna
-Ethernet Adapter, to connect the Starlink antenna to existing routers on board.

the ethernet adapter will allow connection to existing routers on board implementing the systems without upsetting
the existing system.


VAT at 22% must be added to the costs of the service and includes the NOC Service 7/7 and 365 /365 in Italian.



Antenna phased array electronics
Orientation Fixed
Environmental classification IP56
Snow melting capacity Up to 75 mm/hour (3 inches/hour)
Operating temperature -30°C to 50°C (-22°F to 122°F)
Field of view 140°
Average energy consumption 110-150W
Wind classification Endurable: 280 km/h+ (174 mph+)
Support Corner support kit included


Sei interessato ad una offerta privata?
D. Vi chiedo un offerta satellitare FLAT hight performance grazie
R. 10-06-24<br /> Buonasera, prezzo per l'antenna in oggetto, 3.890,00 euro.<br /> Cordiali saluti.<br /> Luigi Bianchi
D. pls make me an offer for the star link
R. 03-05-24<br /> Dear Mr. Talbi, the price of the antenna for shipping to Italy is 3,890.00 euros.<br /> Best regards.<br />
D. Buongiorno, sarei interessato all'acquisto per istallarla sulla mia imbarcazione. Grazie
R. Buongiorno Sig Sergio,<br /> Puo' procedere con l'acquisto direttamente sul nostro store mettendo l'articolo nel carrello . Per quanto riguarda l'attivazione ci possiamo sentire al telefono <br /> 3488722772 Marco <br /> Ci sono tre piani possibili per il marine <br /> le invio anche una descrizione del sistema a questo link sotto <br /><br /> che potra' aiutare nella scelta.<br /> Cordiali saluti<br /> Painestore
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