Fusion APOLLO MS-RA770 Radio / Stereo Marine Wi-Fi

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Welcome to a new era of marine audio entertainment, made and designed by Apollo - God of Music.

The Apollo series combines engineering and design never seen before in the marine industry, forever changing the face of marine audio entertainment and becoming the standard by which all others will be shaped.
The world's first touchscreen marine stereo with Apple AirPlay and integrated Wi-Fi, the Apollo RA770 has redefined audio excellence with revolutionary technology and innovative design including Fusion's Digital Signal Processing, PartyBus, over-the-air software updates, a one-piece glass display and more source options than ever, including the advanced features of SiriusXM. From eardrum to eardrum, Apollo has made it inherently simple to customize your audio entertainment for superior audio quality in any area of your boat. The future of marine audio entertainment has arrived.
Update: now with Apple AirPlay®!


Industry-leading marine stereo with Apple AirPlay: With the Apollo series, you can now seamlessly stream high-quality audio via Apple AirPlay over Wi-Fi from your compatible Apple device to the Apollo RA770. Note: Software update v2.40 is required. AirPlay is not supported on PartyBus.

First Generation Marine Wi-Fi Stereo: High-quality audio streaming is now available over Wi-Fi, offering faster data transfer rates than Bluetooth. Enjoy perfectly synchronized music throughout your vessel by wirelessly connecting multiple Apollo stereos via PartyBus.

Digital Signal Processing (DSP): A technically superior listening experience made simple, Fusion DSP produces superior sound quality in any environment. Precisely calculated loudness curves optimized for the human ear ensure quality, full-range audio at every volume level, while the feed-forward limiter anticipates a peak in the audio and adjusts the gain to make distortion, at any level of volume, a thing of the past. Thanks to ambient information and custom Fusion speaker profiles, it is now possible to achieve customized and optimized audio for any area of your vessel, resulting in an entertainment system perfectly tuned for high quality audio reproduction and programmed to protect the system season after season.

Setting up DSP profiles is made easy with the free Fusion-Link app or with a custom Fusion-Link PC app for OEM boat builders. With just a few clicks, you can set up your preconfigured DSP profile once and get back to enjoying what you love on the water, while listening to high-quality audio customized to your ears and surroundings.

PartyBus: Enjoy the freedom of music choice with the Apollo and Fusion-PartyBus ™ series. With Party Mode, Personal Mode and finally the ability to switch between them without interrupting the audio in other areas of the boat, PartyBus is the Fusion audio distribution network of the future.

Glass Touchscreen Display: The future of marine audio entertainment has arrived on the Apollo RA770 with 4.3 "color touchscreen LCD display. Just tap the screen to pause and play, or scroll through the playlist for your favorite song - fiddling around to find the right button is now a thing of the past.

Over-the-Air Software Updates: The Apollo series is intelligently simple and always up-to-date, thanks to over-the-air software updates available via Wi-Fi from your compatible smartphone or device via the free Fusion-Link app.

More source options than ever: The Apollo RA770 offers more source options than ever before, with Bluetooth, UPnP, optical audio, advanced SiriusXM features and DAB + radio available, AM / FM radio, AUX and USB connections ready at your fingertips.

True-Marine ™ Designed and Engineered: Based on Fusion's True-Marine design philosophy, the Apollo RA770 has an impressive IPX7 water resistant front panel and has been tested to a high level for protection against salt spray, temperature, vibration and UV rays.

Fusion-Link ™: The industry standard protocol for in-water audio integration and control, Fusion-Link enables entertainment control directly from partner marine multifunction displays, compatible Apple or Android devices via the Fusion app- Link and Garmin watches via Fusion-Link Lite. With multiple control options, no matter what you're doing on your boat, you can always be in control of your audio entertainment.

Multi-Zone Technology ™: Four independent audio zones are available for a listening experience
Technical specifications:
Display 4.3 "capacitive touch LCD color display
AM / FM / Bluetooth / Apple AirPlay sources / Wi-Fi audio streaming / digital optical input / USB audio / AUX x2 / UPnP / MTP / SiriusXM-Ready (US only, requires optional SiriusXM Connect vehicle tuner) / DAB + ready ( available in Europe and Australia only) Note: SiriusXM and DAB + do not support traffic and weather conditions.
Digital Signal Processing (DSP) yes
Fusion speakers, subwoofers and amplification profiles preconfigured via DSP yes
Fusion-Link control (wireless) yes
PartyBus technology Yes (receive and transmit - wired or wireless)
Bluetooth wireless technology Bluetooth audio streaming, music control (via devices compatible with Bluetooth A2DP / AVRCP 1.3 protocols)
SiriusXM-Ready yes
Wi-Fi yes
ANT technology yes
NMEA 2000 (control via MFD - Fusion-Link) yes
Works with NRX remote controls yes Optical input 1 x digital optical input (SPDIF)
Suitable for DIN Cut-Out yes
Water resistance (IPX rated) IPx7 from the front panel when properly installed.
Internal Class-D amplifier
Peak power 280 W max
English / French / German / Spanish / Dutch / Italian multilingual user interface
Auxiliary inputs 2 x RCA inputs (AUX1, AUX2)
Ethernet One Ethernet port
USB 2.0 port One USB 2.0 port (for phone charging / media playback)
SiriusXM One SiriusXM port (requires optional SiriusXM Connect vehicle tuner, does not support traffic and weather conditions)
AM / FM radio One Motorola antenna connector port
speaker 4 x speaker connections (2-zone amplification)
RCA pre-out (left, right and subwoofer) 4 zones
Operating voltage +10.8 - 16 Vdc
DAB + ready Fusion DAB + module required (sold separately). Available only when DAB or DAB + broadcast is supported
Line Out 4 (1 x L + R per zone. Requires external amplification)
Subwoofer output 4 (1 per zone requires external amplification)
Software updates Software updates over the air via the free Fusion-Link app or USB

D. Buongiorno, gradirei sapere se su questo impianto si possono collegare delle casse acustiche bluetoot in quanto diventa difficile riuscire a passare dei cavi di collegamento. Se si possono collegare questi dispositivi gradirei avere una quotazione per l'acquisto.
R. 22-04-24<br /> Buon pomeriggio, purtroppo non è possibile perchè il Bluetooth viene utilizzato dalla Radio solo per "ricevere" brani dal proprio telefono. <br /> Cordiali saluti.<br /> Luigi Bianchi
D. Buonasera, prima di procedere all acquisto vorrei sapere se in zona Venezia / Mestre avete un bravo installatore capace con esperienza sui vostri prodotti . Il montaggio dovrebbe avvenire su un Taxi Limousine con impianto sonoro già esistente composto da 2 casse Alpine marine situate a prua e impianto Bose ( sub + 2 satelliti ) all'interno cabina collegato ad un finale Alpine 4 canali. Vorrei installare il vostro prodotto di punta il RA 770 da prua e in cabina l' Ms ERX 400 . Rimango in attesa di sua gentile risposta e le auguro buona serata GG
R. 29-10-22 Buonasera, purtroppo non abbiamo nessuno a Venezia che possa eseguire questo tipo di installazione, in ogni caso il tutto sarebbe compatibile con quanto installato sulla macchina. Cordiali saluti. Luigi Bianchi
D. Buongiorno, di cosa necessità per essere collegato al Garmin gpsmap 1223XSV? Grazie cordiali saluti Fabio
R. 06-01-22 Buonasera, necessario lo starter kit NMEA 2000: https://www.painestore.it/garmin_nmea_2000_starter_kit Cordiali saluti. Luigi Bianchi
D. Buon giorno sono interessato al fusion 770 ma nel sito non trovo le istruzioni di montaggio ed ingombro foro. Saluti Massimo
R. 12-08-2021 Buon pomeriggio, trova tutto, anche i manuali in italiano, nella sezione Documenti sul nostro sito: https://www.painestore.it/fusion_apollo_ms-ra770_radio/stereo_marino_wi-fi Cordiali saluti. Luigi Bianchi
D. Buonasera, volevo sapere se posso collegare il fusion Apollo 770 ad un amplificatore 24V della Hertz HCP 5MD classe D 1500W.
R. 30-03-2021 Buonasera, sì certo, non vedo nessuna complicazione. Gli Apollo hanno uscite RCA Standard. Cordiali saluti. Luigi Bianchi
D. Salve, vorrei sapere se è possibile collegare a questo stereo anche un amplificatore di diversa marca dalla fusion. Nonché collegargli un amplificatore della boss marine serie MR 1950. Anticipatamente grazie. Cordiali saluti.
R. 02-04-2020 Buongiorno, non vedo controindicazioni, i collegamenti sono sempre tramite connettori RCA, quindi direi di sì. Cordiali saluti. Luigi Bianchi
D. Quale amplificatore mi serve per mettere un subwoofer SG-SL101SPW ?
R. Buon pomeriggio, di seguito link al sito per l'amplificatore adatto per i SubWoofer: https://www.painestore.it/fusion_amplificatore_ms-fm402 Cordiali saluti. Luigi Bianchi
D. Mi servirebbe sapere con quale casse lo posso accoppiare e cosa mi serve per cablare il tutto alla strumentazione garmin (8416xsv completa di rete nmea2000). Grazie
R. Buon pomeriggio, può abbinarlo a tutte le casse Fusion che trova sul nostro sito. Per il collegamento invece con il Display 8416, dovrà valutare lo Starter kit NMEA 2000, distanza massima fino a 10mt: https://www.painestore.it/garmin_nmea_2000_starter_kit Cordiali saluti. Luigi Bianchi
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