B&G H60 Wireless VHF V60 Station

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B&G H60 VHF Wireless Receiver

Wireless handset for remote use of the B&G V60 VHF radio.

Fixed installation VHF radio wireless control
The H60 handset offers remote control of your V60 VHF fixed installation radio. Make calls, scroll through channels and quickly initiate DSC rescue functions from anywhere on the boat. With the H60 handset you have maximum transmission power and all the functionality of fixed-mount VHF radios, but with the convenience and portability of a portable system.

Communication everywhere on board
With a maximum range of 100 meters, the H60 handset offers full coverage on board, even on larger boats and yachts. One or more H60 handsets and the V60 base station can also be used together as an onboard intercom system, allowing clear communication between crew members located on the vessel.

Designed for real conditions
The H60 handset is IPX7 waterproof and uses an inductive charging system, with no exposed power connectors, for maximum protection from the elements. A full charge provides up to 8 hours of use, ensuring maximum freedom of movement within the boat or yacht.
Main features
Wireless handset for V60 radio
The V60 handsets and radio function as an on-board intercom
Inductive charging with battery charger included
Battery life up to 8 hours
Range of 100 meters from the base station
Fully waterproof (IPX7)
D. Salve possiedo una radio V60. Vorrei sapere se è possibile abbinarci la cornetta h60. Volevo poi implementare il tutto con L’AIS. È possibile? Grazie
R. 07-01-24 Buon pomeriggio, sì certo, confermo la compatibilità con VHF V60. Segnalo che il V60 ha già l'AIS ricevente incorporato. Cordiali saluti. Luigi Bianchi
R. 06-06-23 Buon pomeriggio, purtroppo non compatibile, necessaria la versione H50. Cordiali saluti. Luigi Bianchi
D. Vorrei sapere se l’apparecchio wireless funziona anche se in avaria l’impianto principale Grazie PS va bene anche con V60 B ?
R. 02-02-23 Buongiorno, purtroppo non può funzionare se l'unità principale è in avaria. Confermo la compatibilità con V60B. Cordiali saluti. Luigi Bianchi
D. Buongiorno, è compatibile con il vhf b&g V50? Si può avere ancora il modello v50 handset? Grazie.
R. 23-01-22 Buonasera, purtroppo non compatibile, non più reperibili da B&G le H50, mi spiace. Cordiali saluti. Luigi Bianchi
D. Hi, It's a photo of a H60 handset. But the text sayes H50. What is correct? I'm looking for a wireless handset H50. BR Steen
R. 01-07-2021 Hi, I think you are wrong. I confirm that the photo is from the H60, the photo of the H50 can be found here: https://www.google.com/search?q=b%26g+h50&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiageT4hMLxAhUN2SoKHeOkB8EQ_AUoAnoECAEQBA&biw=1920&bih=880#imgrc=LEsQBRWf9vDeIM Best regards.
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