Raymarine ELEMENT 12 HV Combo eco / GPS 12 "

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RAYMARINE ELEMENT 12 HV Combo eco / GPS Display 12 "

Whether in racing or recreational fishing, the new Raymarine ElementTM CHIRP / GPS fishfinder series offers powerful tools to help you locate and capture more fish. Raymarine Element is affordable and easy to use and will make you a successful fisherman.

Here are the five reasons:
1. Element delivers exceptionally realistic images of the underwater world, thanks to ultra-high resolution 1.2 megahertz HyperVisionTM sonar technology and the use of a single all-in-one transducer. With HyperVision technology, CHIRP, DownVision, SideVision and Raymarine RealVisonTM 3D sonars reach a new level of image fidelity and fish detection, allowing anglers to see and recognize bottom conformation, vegetation, bait and fish through images as realistic as photographs.
2.A powerful quad-core processor gives the entire Element series, which includes 7 ", 9" and 12 "models, unprecedented power and speed in its class. For the angler, processing speed translates into benefits such as instant chart redesign, quick transitions between screens and menus, smooth, high-resolution images generated with Raymarine's high-detail RealVision 3D sonar, or four sonar modules simultaneously.
3. The Element series is easy and practical to use, and is designed for the fisherman. A large waypoint button allows you to quickly and easily mark fishing spots, underwater structures or any other points of interest. There are also three configurable buttons for quick access to your favorite pages or views. In the LightHouse Sport OS, major fishing activities, including casting, jigging and trolling, are paired with icons to access pre-configured sonar views specifically for these specific fishing techniques. Element's intuitive operation, focused on the needs of anglers, reduces the time spent learning the tool and controls, leaving more time to study the surrounding fishing environment.
4. Element supports numerous fishing charts, including Navionics, LightHouse NC2 with Fishing Hot Spots, Standard Mapping, C-MAP and many more, and most importantly allows you to create your own custom maps during a fishing trip or while sailing. With the Navionics SonarChart Live and Raymarine RealBathyTM and Element sonar chart recording functions you can create your own personal charts, which other anglers would like to have but which will remain your secret.
5. Element combines superior quality Raymarine sonar, unmatched speed, simplicity, custom map creation to offer the best Raymarine fishing technology at affordable prices to all anglers, starting at just € 595.00.

Do you want the best sonar and GPS technologies available for fishing without having to invest in a multifunction display with features you will never use? Equip your boat with a new Raymarine fishfinder / GPS and become a successful fisherman.

D. Buongiorno, ho installato sulla mia imbarcazione un aixom 12 con eco 3d. È possibile utilizzare elementi 12.hv come secondo schermo, dove poter visionare anche solo l'eco o solo la carta nautica o altro dell'axiom 12? Grazie Antonio
R. 02-04-22 Buonasera, purtroppo Axiom e Element non sono compatibili fra loro. Quindi per forza un altro Axiom, anche di dimensioni più piccole eventualmente. Cordiali saluti. Luigi Bianchi
D. salve mi interessava sapere se è possibile installare app Mercury VesselView per Raymarine per quanto riguarda la connessione Nmea2000
R. 01-01-22 Buongiorno e Buon Anno, purtroppo gli Element non includono App Mercury, dedicata solo a display superiori come Axiom. Cordiali saluti. Luigi Bianchi
D. Vorrei più informazioni oltre al vs consiglio, vorrei una macchina che mi dia la possibilità di avere una visione dettagliata del fondo per la pesca e nello stesso momento anche una buona posizione, insomma un buon ecoscandaglio ed un gps. Grazie
R. 31-12-2021 Buongiorno e Buon Anno, in merito alle caratteristiche GPS, direi che tutti i prodotti si equivalgano, mentre differente invece il discorso pesca, fino a quanti metri come massima profondità e che tipo di pesca? Grazie. Cordiali saluti. Luigi Bianchi
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