Simrad B&G ForwardScan ™ transducer

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Simrad ForwardScan technology
ForwardScan provides two-dimensional sonar imaging with forward view of the bottom in front of your vessel. In shallow, unknown or poorly marked waters, ForwardScan is an excellent defense to avoid going around in circles and an indispensable tool for locating safe sites to drop anchor.

The ForwardScan transducer operates at 180kHz to reduce interference from traditional 200kHz fishfinders and provides:

A maximum forward view equal to 8 times your current depth
ex. at a depth of 3m (10ft), offers forward viewing up to 24m (80ft)

Nominal front display equal to 4-5 times your current depth
ex. at a depth of 3m (10ft), it offers a forward view of 12-15m (40-50ft).

MFD evo2 NSS / evo2 NSO integration
ForwardScan connects quickly and easily to any Simrad NSS evo2 multifunction display via the StructureScan port, without the need for additional hardware. On NSO modular evo2 systems, or NSS evo2 systems already using StructureScan, ForwardScan can be connected via an optional Simrad SonarHub sounder module.

Bottom color tracing
Bottom color tracing provides a stunning 2D rendering of the bottom in front of your vessel, for a noise-free and instantly understandable viewing. Make your navigation decisions faster and with more information, without the need to interpret the individual data provided by the sonar.

Bottom color tracking with data Bottom color tracking only

Bow line display
The heading line display integrates the ForwardScan depth data with the heading line displayed on the navigation page of your Simrad MFD. The line is represented by colored segments representing deep, medium and shallow water, with customizable depth ranges to suit your boat's draft.

The ForwardScan front view range scale is automatically synchronized with the heading line length: in ForwardScan / navigation split screen view, the entire distance from your vessel to the end of the heading line is represented in 2D on the ForwardScan display. Quickly combine ForwardScan data with chart depth and your current course to better understand what lies ahead.

Easy installation
ForwardScan can be installed on almost any vessel, with 50.8mm (2 ”) stainless steel through-hull mounting. The mounting can fit thin hulls of 25.4mm (1 ”) with a 12 ° rake angle, or 19mm (3/4”) hulls with an angle of 20 °.

An optional pre-installation kit includes sleeves and plugs only, allowing shipbuilders to provide ForwardScan as an upgrade option. A ForwardScan transducer can then be added by the dealer or customer, even once the vessel has already been launched.


D. salve è compatibile con il vulcan 9 pollici??? grazie
R. 06-07-22 Buonasera, compatibile solo se si tratta di Vulcan serie FS ultima versione. Cordiali saluti. Luigi Bianchi
D. Buongiorno, Ho un Simrad NSS Evo3, posso abbinare il trasduttore sonar ForewardScan? Siccome si parla soltanto di come abbinarlo al NSS Evo2 volevo sapere se è compatibile con NSS Evo3. Grazie cordiali saluti
R. 07-04-2021 Buongiorno, sì certo, compatibile anche con evo3, importante che abbia la porta Sonar 2 disponibile. Cordiali saluti. Luigi Bianchi
D. È compatibile attraverso nemea 2000 con un simrad GEO7?
R. 25-03-2021 Buongiorno, se si tratta di prime versioni GO7 non è compatibile, anche perchè non si collega in NMEA 2000, bensì nella porta eco dedicata, quindi dovrebbe avere un GO7 XSR. Cordiali saluti. Luigi Bianchi
D. Salve vorrei sapere se è disponibile cavo prolunga per trasduttore sonar forwardscan
R. 30-05-2020 Buongiorno, sì certo, cavo prolunga di 3mt: https://www.painestore.it/lowrance_cavo_prolunga_structurescan Cordiali saluti. Luigi Bianchi
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