Garmin G3 Vision Large SD-MicroSD

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Garmin Cartography G3 Vision Large Mediterraneo

For your navigation, secure a nautical chart with an exceptional level of detail and complete coverage. The new BlueChart g3 marine chart provides you with state-of-the-art coverage, clarity of information and detail, integrating marine chart data from Garmin and Navionics®. The new BlueChart also includes the Auto Guidance1 function, allowing you to set the minimum depth and maximum height, leaving it to the plotter to suggest the route to follow.

In addition to this exceptional performance, the new BlueChart g3 Vision also integrates satellite imagery that gives you an absolutely realistic view of the mainland. And the 3D MarinerEye and FishEye views allow you to have additional views, both above and below the sea surface.

UPDATED STATE OF THE ART OF CARTOGRAPHY More extensive coverage, clarity of information and very high level of detail, guaranteed by the combined use of Garmin and Navionics® cartographic data
NEW AUTO GUIDANCE1 EVERYWHERE Now available on both g3 and g3 Vision, it calculates and suggests a route based on the maximum depth and height set by the user
DEPTH SHADING Available for up to 10 depth intervals, it allows you to view the desired depth range at a glance. Allows you to set a minimum depth to define safety shading, to ensure a clear image of shallow water to avoid COVERAGE Worldwide coverage available
SATELLITE IMAGES Images of ports, marinas, bridges and other conspicuous points, to provide better decision support 3D VIEWS MarinerEye and FishEye allow you to have additional points of view above and below the water surface

D. Hello good afternoon I’m interested in this item Can you please confirm what country map is it Thank you
R. Hi, in the second picture you can find the coverage of the map. Best regards. Luigi Bianchi
D. questa versione è compatibile sia con garmin 922xs che con GPSMAP 78S? grazie
R. Buongiorno, confermo la compatibilità per entrambi. Purtroppo però al momento le ho esaurite. Mi arriveranno verso i primi della prossima settimana, mi spiace. Cordiali saluti. Luigi Bianchi
D. Buona sera, Sono interessato alla cartografia sopra riportata, volevo sapere se è compatibile con il modello Garmin 722 xs. volevo inoltre sapere se per il mod. sopra descritto, avete come ricambio la staffa di montaggio con le relative manopole. Potete gentilmente farmi avere il miglior prezzo per entrambi ? Grazie mille buona serata
R. Buonasera, confermo la compatibilità. Il prezzo per la staffa con pomelli è di 29,00 euro, totale per entrambi trasporto incluso, 388,00 euro. Cordiali saluti. Luigi Bianchi
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