Raymarine Autop. EV-100 Hydraulic Ty 0,5 without Display

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Raymarine Autopilot EVOLUTION EV-100 HYDRAULIC TYPE 0,5
Without Display, Type 0,5 hydraulic pump

Version without display, requires connection with "a" or "eS" series multifunction display.

No calibration!
Designed for ease of use, Evolution autopilots eliminate the need for complicated setups and calibrations. Install Evolution, turn on the autopilot and you are ready to go!
Thanks to the intelligent EV sensor, the autopilot senses and automatically adjusts to the characteristics of the boat without any user adjustments.

Evolution AI ™
Evolution ™ autopilots combine Raymarine's 30 years of marine experience, FLIR Systems research and development and cutting-edge aerospace technology to create a new level of accuracy.
This great technological breakthrough makes use of Evolution AI ™ control algorithms that allow Evolution autopilots to sense the environment and immediately calculate the optimal parameters for maximum performance. The result is accurate and reliable course keeping, regardless of boat speed or sea conditions.

EV core
The heart of the Evolution autopilot system is the ultra-compact EV core that encloses a 9-axis heading sensor that monitors the movement of the boat in all three dimensions. The innovative EV core combines state-of-the-art solid-state sensors with the autopilot processor, in a robust and easy-to-install body; waterproof and submersible in accordance with IPX6 and IPX7 standards, it can be mounted above or below deck according to your needs.

EV core benefits
Precise tracking of bow, roll and pitch allowing the autopilot to instantly self-adjust to sea conditions and boat dynamic changes.
Flexible installation options. Mounting above or below deck.
Simple SeaTalkng connection to the control unit and ACU.
Solid state sensor that allows dynamic accuracy within 2 degrees in all conditions.
Self-compensation for on-board magnetic fields and bow accuracy in the northern and southern hemispheres.
Fast and reliable heading data for MARPA modes, radar overlay and heading on Raymarine multifunction displays.

D. È possibile usare come monitor l axiom 7?
R. 12-12-22 Buonasera, sì certo, confermo la compatibilità. Cordiali saluti. Luigi Bianchi
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