Simrad NSX ™ 3007

Take your experience to a whole new level!
With an innovative and modern interface equipped with a powerful navigation functionality with the support of C-MAP®, you will be able to see everything like never before. NSXTM offers built-in sonar, full compatibility with radar and autopilot systems, and with our handy setup wizard tool, you can be up and running in no time.
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Simrad NSX ™ 3007 eco / GPS Display Touch 7 "

NSX ™ Intelligent Chartplotter and Fishfinder

A new intuitive touchscreen experience
Take advantage of all the simplicity of modern technology. NSX combines a clean, simple interface with high-definition graphics to deliver a whole new experience. Access all NSX features and use them easily, including smart drag-and-drop screen customization, fully editable toolbar, and optimized day and night modes. See card details, structure and bottom profile in intuitive views of the bright SolarMAX ™ IPS touchscreen. The high-definition display is visible from any angle, in direct sunlight and through polarized lenses. Plus, it's fully touchscreen.


Spice up your browsing experience with NSX
See the details of cartography in a new way. Benefit from compatibility with the latest generation C-MAP® DISCOVER X ™ and REVEAL X ™ cards optimized for the marine industry. Developed for NSX, they now offer a new and intuitive graphical presentation and daily updates.

C-MAP marine charts include full vector charts with custom depth shading and high resolution bathymetry showing precise depth contours down to 1 foot level of detail. You can improve planning and route creation with tidal and current projections and thanks to our fastest Autorouting ever. In addition, a new map inspection feature is available with one-touch access to information on places, points of interest, tides, canals and more.

The Simrad® Companion app works like an extension of NSX, but offers the same charts and all related data at your fingertips, in or out of the water. It allows you to plan routes, examine tracks and mark waypoints on the app, then sync directly to NSX.

Complete suite of Simrad® technology products at your fingertips
NSX offers a world of possibilities. Upgrade your system with Simrad® powerful sonar, autopilot and radar devices.

Get high resolution images under and around your vessel with Active Imaging ™ featuring CHIRP sonar, SideScan / DownScan Imaging ™ and FishReveal ™. Scan even deeper with a wide range of compatible 1 kW transducers.

Known for their incredible performance, Simrad® autopilot systems give you the freedom to let you experience all your activities to the fullest. Do you want to troll or plan your next destination? No problem, there is a function for your every need. Available for outboard and inboard engines, these helper tools allow you to set patterns and routes, navigate to waypoints and stay on course.

In addition, they allow you to immediately identify dangers. Thanks to our award-winning HALO® pulse compression dome radars, you can see simultaneously in short and long range (up to 42nm) with ultra-fast updates every second. Get to work right away with low-power standby mode and highlight targets using custom modes like Harbor, Offshore and Weather.

Simple to set up, easy to manage
Simrad® app integration wizard installation, easy sonar setup, and tips to help you when you need them help NSX make navigation easier than ever.

The installation wizard helps you get up and running quickly with step-by-step instructions, while the Simrad® app gives you a host of more options. These include regular software updates, trip planning in and out of the water, a simplified chart view that looks the same across all platforms, and the easy transfer of all data, including routes and waypoints .

But that is not all. Sonar prompts show what happens as you adjust settings, while setting up this device provides intuitive instructions for each step of the process, so you'll be up and running in no time. All you have to do is choose your next adventure.

Main functions
Support for marine-optimized C-MAP® DISCOVER ™ X and REVEAL ™ X charts, offering a new and intuitive graphical presentation and daily updates
High definition IPS touchscreen with very wide viewing angles, visible even through polarized lenses
Support for viewing fish and structures in high resolution with Active Imaging ™ featuring CHIRP, SideScan and DownScan Imaging ™, plus a 1 kW capacity transducer to reach greater depths
Setup wizard for immediate operation and easier sonar setup
Full integration with the ability to enhance your system with Simrad® sonar, autopilot, radar and other devices
Faster and more easily accessible autorouting
Support for HALO® radar to simultaneously see short and long range (up to 42nm) with ultra-fast updates every second
Full integration with Simrad® autopilot system to stay on course
Simple and modern interface
Simrad® App Integration: Map data is always at your fingertips, in and out of the water
Integration with third party apps
Wireless connectivity, plus all Ethernet and NMEA 2000® networking capabilities
Screen brightness> 1200 nits
Weight 0.8 kg (1.7 lbs)
Memory card SD1 MicroSD slot
Ethernet ports 1 port (5-pin connector)
NMEA 2000 connectivity1 x NMEA 2000 Micro-C port, 1 LEN
Correction 10 Hz high speed update (internal) WASS, MSAS, EGNOS, GLONASS
Vibration shocks 100,000 cycles of 20 G
Display resolution 1024 x 600 px
Refresh rate 10Hz
Maximum power consumption 11.5 W (830 mA at 13.8 V)
Supply voltage 12 V DC (10 - 17 V DC min - max)
Operating temperature range -15 ° C to 55 ° C (5 ° F to 131 ° F)
Warranty period 2 Years
Storage temperature range-20 ° C to 60 ° C (-4 ° F to 140 ° F)
Recommended fuse rating 2A
GPS receiver channels 32 Channels
Compass safety 50 cm (1.7 ft)
Waypoints, routes, tracks 6000 waypoints, 500 Routes with 100 max route points, 50 tracks with up to 12,000 track points.
Display size7 inches
Viewing angles 85 ° (top, bottom, left, and right)
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.0 with support for Bluetooth Classic
Mount Type Bracket (supplied), panel mount or flush mount
Supported maps C-MAP Discover ™ X, C-MAP Reveal ™ X
Supported Papers C-MAP Tile (CMT) Discover X C-MAP Tile (CMT) Reveal X
LanguagesEnglish (US), English (UK), Danish, German, Spanish, Finnish, French, Greek, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal) Swedish
Radar compatibility Halo Dome radars, Halo open array radars
Position Accuracy Horizontal Accuracy 3 m (9.8 ft)
Humidity IEC 60945 Damp heat 66 ° C (150 ° F) at 95% relative (18 hr)
Wi-Fi connectivity element IEEE 802.11b / g / nGPSInternal, 10Hz, WASS, MSAS, EGNOS
Video Ip Camera support
IPx6 and IPx7 waterproof level
Interface Multi-touch screen
Meteo No [Missing text '/ product / specs / J1939 Connectivity' for 'Italian (Italy)'] No PC connectivity No
Sonar compatibility One 9 pin Xsonic 1 kW Sonar port. Single channel CHIRP, 50/200 khz, HDI, Active Imaging
AIS Receive AIS data over NMEA 2000
Digital switching Simrad command DDS only on release to market
Backlight color White
Dimensions (height x width x depth) With bracket: W: 220.0 mm (8.66 ") x H: 145.9 mm (5.74") x D: 79.5 mm (3.13 ") No bracket, no suncover: W: 195.0 mm (7.68" ) x H: 123.0 mm (4.84 ") x D: 79.5 mm (3.13") No bracket, with suncover: W: 199.9 mm (7.87 ") x H: 127.9 mm (5.04") x D: 84.5 mm (3.32 " )
Cartography included World wide basemap (not for navigation)


Sei interessato ad una offerta privata?
D. Salve cartografia da comprare a parte saluti Giovanni.
R. 23-03-23 Buonasera, invio link di seguito: https://www.painestore.it/c-map_cartografia_discover_x_sd-microsd Cordiali saluti. Luigi Bianchi
D. Salve È compatibile con il trasduttore Garmin gt41?
R. 25-05-22 Buonasera, purtroppo i trasduttori Garmin non sono compatibili con Simrad. Cordiali saluti. Luigi Bianchi
D. Buongiorno, volevo chiedere se il Simrad NSX 3007 supporta carte Navionics platinum plus con la funzione relief shading? Grazie. Luca Melletti
R. 29-03-22 Buongiorno, purtroppo no, accetta solo carte C-MAP Reveal X che hanno comunque le caratteristiche di Platinum con la funzione Relief Shading: https://www.painestore.it/c-map_cartografia_reveal_x Cordiali saluti. Luigi Bianchi
D. Buongiorno, l’NSX 3007 è compatibile con l’autopilota AP24 e gli strumenti IS20? Grazie
R. 25-03-22 Buongiorno, in teoria dovrebbe essere compatibile perchè vi è la possibilità di collegarlo con cavo adattatore da NMEA2000 a Simnet, di fatto però non sappiamo se poi riuscirà a vedere tutti i dati che passano su tale rete: https://www.painestore.it/cavo_micro-c_femmina_a_simnet_da_4_m_13ft_che_collega_un_prodotto_nmea2000_a_s Le ricordo che per le mappe, il nuovo NSX è compatibile solo con le nuove Discover o Reveal X: https://www.painestore.it/cerca?keywords=nsx Cordiali saluti. Luigi Bianchi
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