Raymarine 60 STV premium 4 outputs

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Advanced technology, optimal reception
Wide Range Search (WRS) technology allows Raymarine antennas to quickly identify and acquire satellites.
Once the fix has been acquired, the WRS algorithm guarantees continuous signal tracking.
The precise tracking of satellites at sea is possible thanks to the DBT (Dynamic Beam Tilting) technology which calculates and compensates the bow, pitch and roll of the boat, ensuring clear and sharp images even in the most adverse conditions.

Main features:

Dual or Quad LNB. Connect multiple receivers and tune them to different channels for each TV: the Dual system (33 and 37STV) allows you to connect two TV receivers and the Quad system (45 and 60STV) up to four.
HD (High Definition) compatible.
NMEA 0183 GPS position input for even faster satellite acquisition.
Conical scan to locate the strongest satellite signal for maximum stabilization. Quiet Operation: Rotating the sub-reflector minimizes the need for continuous platter movement.
Integrated GPS (not available for 33STV model).
The following photo shows the covers of the various antennas, for this antenna model the cover is red.

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