Simrad AP44 VRF Medium Capacity with NAC-2 and Pump2

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Simrad AP44 Autopilot VRF Medium Capacity
Complete Package AP44 Display, NAC-2 and PUMP 2 pump

Simrad Display AP44
The AP44 Autopilot Control combines Simrad Continuum steering technology with a color display, intuitive knob and button controls and a modern glass dashboard. With this dedicated control that simplifies access to automatic turn patterns, No Drift steering, DCT (Depth Contour Tracking) steering and other advanced steering settings, you can leave the rudder and navigate with confidence while discovering new ways to fish. Plus, by connecting your chartplotter you can add waypoints or a navigation route and enjoy full autopilot control from compatible Simrad displays.

Main features
4.1-inch color display with optical coating
170 degree ultra wide viewing angle
Simrad Continuum steering technology
Intuitive autopilot control with simple menus and waterproof silicone keys
Knob to vary the course easily
Automatic turn patterns for autonomous low-consumption maneuvers
The No Drift steering keeps the course against the wind and the current
Depth Contour Tracking makes it easier to fish with sinker or bottom
Simplified installation through automatic tuning and calibration
Glass dashboard with slim profile
Low power consumption
Certified NMEA 2000® connectivity

4.1-inch color display with optical coating
Having a global overview of heading, route and general status information is critical when relying on autopilot. The AP44 autopilot control performs this task thanks to the color graphics and intuitive menus that reproduce all information in detail on the screen.

To ensure excellent visibility in all conditions, the AP44 is equipped with an LCD panel with optical coating glued to the protective glass that eliminates any possible formation of condensation inside the display. Transflective LCD technology uses reflected sunlight to illuminate the screen instead of obscuring it, ensuring excellent daytime visibility and lower power consumption than conventional backlit displays.

Intuitive autopilot control
The purpose of a dedicated autopilot control is to allow immediate access to the self-steering features, making key controls easily accessible. Designed with this in mind, the AP44 autopilot controller features an intuitive interface with just four buttons and a knob for entering commands. The knob control allows you to make small and large changes in the course with speed and precision and to easily select options from the on-screen menu without having to repeatedly press buttons.

Simrad Continuum steering technology
The innovative Simrad steering systems are the result of over 60 years of research work in the field of autopilot systems development and which continues today at the Simrad Yachting research center in Norway. It is from our experience that the Continuum algorithm is born: the software that manages the Simrad government technology. Continuum encompasses all the years of research and experience at sea offering an intelligent pilot able to steer the boat in complete reliability. Simrad autopilot solutions are available for a wide range of applications, from small pleasure boats to large merchant ships.

Automatic turn patterns
The Simrad autopilot can do more than just stay on course. The AP44 autopilot control offers a set of preset turn patterns designed to make fishing, diving or simply making the boat perform a U-turn easier. Simply choose the turn and select port or starboard. For added control, you can customize the turn pattern by having the boat perform complex spiral movements, zigzag paths and other useful maneuvers.

Government No Drift
No Drift mode combines GPS navigation with self-steering, using the boat's position to counterbalance the action of wind and current. By doing so, it allows you to maintain a precise heading with respect to the ground following your current destination, without the need to manually set a waypoint or a route. To enable this useful feature, the AP44 autopilot controller must be connected to a GPS receiver connected to the NMEA 2000® network or a compatible Simrad chartplotter.

DCT (Depth Contour Tracking)
The AP44 autopilot controller can be connected to a compatible sonar to enable DCT steering. In this mode, the AP44 control maintains a constant depth below the vessel - an ideal feature for following bottom contours when fishing or navigating, without having to set up a complex route with multiple waypoints.

Simplified installation with automatic tuning
The installation and commissioning of the autopilot does not have to be lengthy and complicated procedures. The AP44 autopilot control includes automatic tuning to ensure optimal self-steering performance: just follow a simple on-screen commissioning procedure that includes dock configuration and sea trial. The Simrad Precision-9 solid-state compass is also equipped with an automatic calibration function, to further simplify autopilot setup and ensure the best possible heading accuracy.

Compact glass facia design
Designed to complement the Simrad glass dashboard displays, instruments and controls, the AP44 autopilot control features a modern design with a slim mounting profile of just 8mm. Its compact size allows it to be mounted virtually anywhere, while the large display ensures maximum visibility and ease of use.
NAC-2 autopilot computer

Autopilot Computer NAC-2 is the mastermind behind the Simrad autopilot system. It contains the electronic components necessary to operate the hydraulic pump or mechanical actuator and at the same time interface with other components including heading sensors and rudder feedback units. The NAC-2 has been designed for vessels up to 10 meters (35 feet) in length and is capable of handling low current pumps, mechanical actuators or solenoid valves (8 amps continuous / 16 amps peak).

Main features
Excellent autopilot performance based on Simrad Continuum steering system
Recommended for boats up to 10 meters (35 feet) in length
8 amp continuous current output, 16 amp peak
Compatible with hydraulic cylinders with 80 cc - 250 cc capacity
Compatible with low current hydraulic servo pumps, mechanical actuators, hydraulic linear actuators and solenoid valves
Virtual Rudder Feedback for easy installation on boats with outboard or sterndrive propulsion (inboard / outboard)
Supports RF25 rudder feedback units
Plug-and-play connectors for simplified installation
NMEA 2000® connectivity with heading sensors, rudder feedback, dedicated autopilot controls and multifunction display
D. Buongiorno vorrei sapere se avete disponibilità per il pilota in oggetto se è fornito di tutti i cablaggi compreso lo start kit NMEA 2000 per il.coleggamemto con un APPARATO LOWRANCE HDS LIVE 9
R. 15-07-2021 Buongiorno, il kit è completo di tutti i cavi tranne i tubi idraulici. Disponibile purtroppo in ca 20 giorni. Cordiali saluti. Luigi Bianchi
D. Buongiorno, Il sistema Simrad AP44 Autopilota completo NAC-2 e RPU80 e' compatibile con due motori Honda da 225 hp ? Grazie, GSDR
R. 24-10-2020 Buongiorno, tutto dipende dalle caratteristiche del cilindro della timoneria idraulica che muove i due motori. Dovrebbe pertanto inviarmi una foto via mail. Cordiali saluti. Luigi Bianchi
D. Salve, io possiedo un Montecarlo 37ht, circa 11.70 di lunghezza, secondo voi andebbe bene il suddetto autopilota per la mia barca o devo necessariamente montare il nac 3 con conseguente aumento di costi?’ Grazie
R. 06-06-2020 Buongiorno, tutto dipende dalle caratteristiche del pistone della timoneria. Dovrebbe inviarmi una foto dove si vede una targhetta con il modello. Cordiali saluti. Luigi Bianchi
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