Simrad Lowrance NAC-1 Hydraulic Autopilot with Precision 9

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Lowrance Simrad package Hydraulic
The NAC-1 autopilot package offers a complete autopilot system for inboard and outboard motor boats with hydraulic steering of less than 10m, fully controllable from a Lowrance HDS Elite, FS, Simrad NSS evo2 or NSO evo2 multifunction display.
Package Contents NAC-1 Autopilot Computer, 0.8L Hydraulic Pump, Precision 9 Compass Sensor, Auto / Standby Button, NMEA 2000 Network Kit, Pump Mounting Kit.

Main features
Simrad NSS evo2 / NSO evo2 multifunctional device control (free software update may be required)
Auto / Standby Button for Dash Mount
Steering the boat in a direction, course or route.
Automatic turn patterns
DCT (Depth Contour Tracking)
High efficiency 0.8L super quiet hydraulic pump easy to install
Includes all necessary cables, hoses, connectors and oil
Easy to insert connectors for quick assembly

Simrad NSS evo2 / NSO evo2 and Lowrance HDS Elite-FS multifunction display integration
Uniquely designed to control Simrad or Lowrance multifunction devices, the NAC-1 hydraulic autopilot assembly does not include or require a dedicated head unit, making it perfect for smaller boats with limited helm space. You can set a heading, either to a waypoint or along a predefined route, directly from your existing touchscreen display, or take control and steer your vessel precisely using the NSS evo2 or HDS.

Auto / Standby Button for Dash Mount
The NAC-1 assembly includes a remote auto / standby button for dash mounting for installation at the helm station. This way, you can easily activate the autopilot or deactivate it and take immediate manual control.

Automatic turn patterns
Preset turn patterns simplify maneuvers, such as U turns, without requiring excessive fuel consumption, while more complex turn patterns support activities such as fishing, searching for dive sites or even mapping a lake with Insight Genesis and the NSS evo2's built-in sonar or a networked SonarHub sonar module.

DCT (Depth Contour Tracking)
Using real-time depth measurements collected from the NSS evo2's built-in sonar or a networked SonarHub sonar module, the NAC-1 can automatically steer the boat following an isobath, making it perfect for lead or sinker fishing. bottom, but also the ideal way for a picturesque cruise along the coast, automatically maintaining a safe depth under the boat.

Super quiet 0.8 L hydraulic pump
The NAC-1 package includes a super-quiet 'PUMP-1' high efficiency 0.8 liter hydraulic pump, suitable for operating hydraulic systems on single or twin inboard and outboard motor boats below 10m. The high-efficiency 12V feature is suitable for smaller boats, while the super-quiet operation helps make your time on the water as fun as possible.

Virtual Rudder Feedback (VRF)
Simplifying autopilot maintenance and installation, Simrad Virtual Rudder Feedback technology means the NAC-1 assembly does not require the installation of a separate feedback unit to monitor the position of the outboard on single or dual outboard motor boats .

Optional rudder position sensor
On inboard boats, an RF25N rudder feedback sensor (sold separately) can be used to accurately measure rudder position, providing smooth autopilot operation and helpful rudder angle indication on the helm's dashboard display. command. The RF25N helm includes a 5.5 meter cable with a Micro-C connector for easy connection to the boat's NMEA 2000® network.

Easy to install, all included
This complete kit includes everything needed for DIY or professional installation (full list below) on single or twin outboard motor boats. Detailed instructions are provided, and the plug-and-play connectors installed on the NAC-1 autopilot computer help make installation quicker and easier than ever.
  • Complete autopilot system for single hydraulically driven outboard
  • Intuitive autopilot control from the Simrad multifunction display
  • Powerful features including turn patterns and depth contour detection
  • Suitable for boats of nine meters (30 feet) and less
  • Perfect for DIY installation with a simple and detailed guide
  • Simple plug and socket connection without complex terminal wiring


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