Fusion MS-WB675, white Apollo series box

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€ 539,00 € 600,00 -10%
FUSION MS-WB675, white Apollo series box - 4 zones
The Apollo WB675 is the embodiment of award-winning audio innovation in a discreet form factor.

Sources: AM / FM / Bluetooth / Apple AirPlay 2 * / Optical Audio Input / USB / AUX / MTP / UPnP * / DAB+ Ready (requires MS-DAB100A) / SiriusXM Ready (requires SiriusXM Connect Vehicle Tuner)

Key features of the new Apollo WB675 include Fusion's digital signal processing technology, advanced PartyBus™ networking capabilities*, Wi-Fi audio streaming with Apple AirPlay® 2*, over-the-air software updates* and more options source including optical audio for connecting to televisions.
The Apollo WB675 also features advanced connectivity options that provide convenience and flexibility when controlling your entertainment system.
You can connect an Apollo ERX400 wired remote control via Ethernet for the full Apollo user experience, or alternatively, for a more streamlined system, you can control the WB675 using just a Garmin MFD via NMEA 2000® or Ethernet. From your bass drum to your floor tom, Apollo has made it intrinsically simple to customize your audio entertainment for superior sound quality in any area of ​​your boat. The future of marine audio entertainment has arrived.

* Available when the Apollo WB675 is connected via an Ethernet cable to a wireless network router or Wi-Fi ® enabled Apollo Series stereo network.


Digital Signal Processing (DSP): A technically superior listening experience made simple, Fusion's DSP produces superior sound quality in every environment. Precisely calculated volume curves optimized for the human ear ensure quality, full-range audio at every volume level, while the feed-forward limiter anticipates a peak in the audio and adjusts gain to make distortion a thing of the past . Using environmental information and acoustically designed Fusion speaker profiles, you can now get customized, optimized audio for any area of ​​your boat, resulting in an entertainment system perfectly tuned for premium audio playback and programmed to protect your system season after season.

Setting up DSP profiles is made easy with the free Fusion-Link app. With just a few clicks, you can set up your pre-configured DSP profile once and get back to enjoying what you love on the water, listening to high-quality audio customized to your ears and the environment.

PartyBus™ -Network*: Enjoy the freedom of music choice with Fusion's Apollo Series and PartyBus™ -Network. We've introduced a new intuitive user experience that allows for easy navigation of your entire vessel's audio network, making controlling your audio and sources a seamless experience.

Key features include:
Stereo grouping , allows you to connect multiple Apollo series stereos connected to the same network and play the same synchronized audio source on all stereos. You can create multiple groups for a personalized audio entertainment experience. Note: Apollo SRX400 sources are not shared on the network.
Volume Control , cycle through the available zones on your boat and enjoy independent volume control to customize your listening experience, or select ALL volume to adjust a group of stereos at once.
Power Options , allows you to power any Apollo Series stereo connected on the PartyBus network remotely from another Apollo Series stereo.
Home Zone , is the physical area on board your boat where the stereo is installed. After you adjust the audio in another zone, the stereo will default to Home Zone audio control after a period of inactivity.
Note: User experience may be subject to change without notice when a new version of the software is released.

Wi-Fi Audio Streaming with Apple AirPlay 2* : Seamlessly stream high-quality audio via Apple AirPlay 2 over Wi-Fi* from your compatible Apple device to the Apollo WB670. Apple AirPlay 2 has the added functionality of being able to stream an audio source from your compatible Apple device to multiple Apollo Series marine stereos connected to the same network, with individual and global volume control of the head units.

Over-the-air software updates* : The Apollo Series is intelligently simple and always up-to-date, with over-the-air software updates available from your smartphone or compatible device via the free Fusion-Link app.

More Source Options: The Apollo WB675 offers more source options, with Bluetooth, UPnP, optical audio, advanced SiriusXM features and DAB+ radio available, AM/FM radio, AUX and USB connections ready at your fingertips.

Compact Design: Designed to save space at the helm, the Apollo WB675 can be mounted in out-of-the-way places such as lockers, internal helm consoles and other hidden compartments.

True-Marine™ Designed and Engineered: Built on Fusion's True-Marine design philosophy, the Apollo WB675 has been tested to a high level for salt spray, temperature, vibration and UV protection.

Fusion-Link™ : The industry standard protocol for on-water audio integration and control, Fusion-Link enables entertainment control directly from partner marine multifunction displays, compatible Apple or Android devices via the Fusion app -Link and from Garmin watches via Fusion-Link Lite. With multiple control options, whatever you're doing on your boat, you can always be in control of your audio entertainment.

Multi-Zone Technology™: Three independent audio zones are available for a personalized listening experience on your vessel, each with advanced localized menu controls that include volume limits, zone naming, mute zones and more. Note: Subwoofer and full-range line outputs require additional amplification.
  • Sources AM / FM / Bluetooth / Apple AirPlay 2 / digital optical input / USB audio / iPhone / iPod / AUX / UPnP / MTP / SiriusXM-Ready (US only, requires optional SiriusXM Connect vehicle tuner) / DAB+ ready (available in Europe and Australia only) Note: SiriusXM and DAB+ do not support traffic and weather.
  • Digital signal processing (DSP) yes
  • Pre-configured Fusion speaker, subwoofer and amplifier profiles via DSP yes
  • Fusion-Link control (wireless) yes
  • PartyBus Network Technology Yes (receive and transmit - wired or wireless * when Apollo WB670 is integrated with a wireless network router or Wi-Fi enabled Apollo Series stereo network)
  • Bluetooth wireless technology Bluetooth audio streaming, music control (via devices compatible with Bluetooth A2DP / AVRCP 1.3 protocols)
  • SiriusXM ready yes
  • Wifi Yes* (*when integrated with a Wi-Fi enabled Apollo Series wireless network router or stereo network)
  • ANT technology yes
  • NMEA 2000 (control via MFD - Fusion-Link) yes
  • Works with ERX/NRX remotes Yes, NRX remote requires additional parts (refer to owner's manual for more details)
  • Optical input 1 x digital optical input (SPDIF)
  • Internal Class-D amplifier
  • Rated Output Power (4 Ohm) 26W rms x 4 at 14.4V input <10% THD
  • Rated Output Power (2 Ohm) 43W rms x 4 at 14.4V input <10% THD
  • Peak power 280W max
  • Auxiliary inputs 1 x RCA input (AUX)
  • Ethernet One Ethernet port
  • USB 2.0 port One USB 2.0 port (for phone charging/media playback)
  • SiriusXM One SiriusXM port (requires optional SiriusXM Connect vehicle tuner, does not support traffic and weather)
  • AM/FM Radio One port for the Motorola antenna connector
  • Speaker Channels 4 channels, 1 pair per zone (internal amplifier of zone 1 and 2 / zone 3 requires external amplification)
  • RCA pre-out (left, right and subwoofer) 4 zones (1 x L + R per zone, 1 x Sub per zone - All require external amplification)
  • Operating voltage +10.8 - 16V dc
  • DAB+ ready Fusion DAB+ module required (sold separately). Only available where DAB or DAB+ broadcast is supported
  • Software Updates Over-the-air software updates* via the free Fusion-Link app or USB (*when the Apollo WB670 is integrated with a wireless network router or Wi-Fi-enabled Apollo Series stereo network)
  • Physical Dimensions: Width x Height x Depth 130mm x 130mm x 55mm [5-1/8" x 5-1/8" x 2-3/16"]


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D. Ciao, questo è il 675? Avete magari in casa qualche 670 che mi andrebbe bene lo stesso che so che è uscito di produzione ad un prezzo "buono" per un vostro già cliente storico? Attendo vs news. Grazie.
R. 03-0424<br /> Buonasera, purtroppo non se ne trovano più. Posso eventualmente proporre la nuova WB675 al prezzo di 499,00 euro, per ordine entro il 15 Aprile.<br /> Cordiali saluti.<br /> Luigi Bianchi
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