Garmin Boat Switch EmpirBus

Make your boat "Home Automation" with Garmin Boat Switch . From your compatible Garmin GPSMAP display, you can turn your boat lights on and off, activate the horn, bilge pumps and much more....
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Garmin Boat Switch

The Garmin Boat Switch lets you control onboard utilities directly from your GPSMAP® or ECHOMAP™ chartplotter
Reduce your reliance on traditional circuit breakers and fuses. Add digital control and software current monitoring.
Operate lights, pumps, siren and more. Just tap the compatible chartplotter.
Full or empty? Observe the levels of the four tanks for fuel, fresh water, fresh water, waste water and livewell.
Observe the system status. Monitor battery voltage, bilge pump operation and more.
Put everything the way you want. Place and name switches with an easy-to-use interface.
Fit your vessel. No special tools or setups are required.

Replace existing two-piece systems
(fuse box and circuit breakers) to facilitate checking e
the use of on-board functions.

Get control and internal protection of up to 20 circuits
directly from your Garmin chartplotter, rather than
install cumbersome physical buttons or switches.

The 'toggle' outputs allow you to control pumps of
bilge and non-dimmable lights, such as the lights of
navigation or courtesy ones

Experience the detection and calibration of built-in transmitters for up to four tanks: fuel, fresh water, white water, black water and livewell.
Look at the analog voltages of the service battery and starter battery, check the operation of the bilge pump and connect the optional physical switches.
A built-in timer activates the water pump to keep fish alive and to extend the life of the pumps.

Dimensions (WxHxD) (units only) 9.1 x ″ x 4.2mm (″1.5 x ″230 x 10638)
Weight (unit only) 14.1g (400oz)
Environmental temperature From -20°C to +55°C
Container waterproof classification IP65
Communication CAN bus network NMEA 2000®, LEN-0


High side 13ch 10A, 7ch 5A


Input from negative contact switch 15
Bilge pump monitor 2

Analog input

Volt 3 @ 0-16V +/-1%
Resistence 2 @ 0-1500 ohms +/- 5%


Maximum current 50A
Current consumption from off 60mA
Supply voltage (12V) 9-16VDC


NMEA 2000® Micro 5 pin M12 male
Channels Molex MX150 L 16 circuits
Power terminal M6 bolt


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