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Garmin Display GNX 130 Maxi Display 10 "

10 "display high performance
Developed to offer an unparalleled navigation and to ensure quality, precision and seamless integration with all data, this large-format displays from 10 "glass-bonded can be easily installed to the mast with the optional bracket. It offers exceptional readability both day and night. It enables seamless sharing of navigational data between Garmin devices and you can control it remotely with a small keyboard. It is simple to configure, calibrate and use.

Perfect viewing in all light conditions
Enhanced clarity in all conditions, both day and night. Figures presented with large digits (70 mm) and RGB display, guarantee a perfect viewing in all light conditions. The low power consumption of 0.36 W during the day (without backlight) and 0.4 W during the night (mid-level backlight) help conserve batteries. The GNX 130 allows flush mounting and flush.

Customizable user profiles
The accuracy of the information is unmatched thanks to the ability to view more than 50 different data fields, including depth, speed, wind, engine data and more data on the navigation and boat. The data pages can be customized with one, two or three data fields, which can be displayed simultaneously or alternately, depending on your needs

Astonishing readability thanks to bigger font category
RGB 10 "display with backlit LCD screen glass-bonded
large characters (70 mm) to ensure an exceptional readability
It provides stable and accurate information needed to make decisions with confidence
View more than 50 different data fields for wind, sea conditions and boat
Seamless integration and data sharing with all NMEA 2000® devices
Configuration via the capacitive touch buttons directly on the screen

Surprising ease of reading
RGB display high contrast with larger characters of the category. Numbers are easy to read with a height of 70 mm. Choice of blacks or colored fonts as needed, for exceptional readability in all lighting conditions. The dot-matrix section (at the bottom of the display) can show additional details and / or graphic information.

Glass-bonded screen
glass-bonded and anti-glare screen to ensure perfect visibility.
custom screen for optimal viewing
Choose from 7 different colors of backlighting or create a custom color, to achieve the optimal screen visibility.

Customizable user profiles
There are 5 different screen configurations for user profiles boat sailing or motor boat. You can see in particular one, two or three data fields at the same time and from the sensor or Graph mode to display the data on the wind, the depth and speed. You can also completely customize your pages to get the navigation data that you prefer.

Auto scroll
Ability to display on alternate own interest data.

Reduced energy consumption
Ideal for users who navigate for long periods, without the need to start a motor or a generator to charge the batteries. Use only 0.36 W during the day, without the need of backlight and only 0.4 W with a setting of the mean level of night backlight.

NMEA® 2000
The NMEA 2000® protocol ensures the display of any data and available on board.

Easy installation
compact display and easy connection in a NMEA 2000 ensures fast installation. carbon fiber supports, for tree basis, sold separately, for an attractive design with projecting or flush installation possibilities.

GNX display 130
protective cover
Removable bezel for flush mounting
Parts and seal for flush mounting
Connector "T" NMEA 2000®
NMEA 2000® cable
User manual

Appearance and performance
Physical Dimensions 249 x 153 x 19 mm
Screen size, WxH 10 "
Screen Type reversed, monochrome
Weight 820 g
Water resistance classification IPX7
NMEA 2000® certified
power consumption 0.36 W (day); 0.4 W (night)
Operating voltage 9-16 V (NMEA 2000)
Mounting options A recessed and flush
glass screen
Operating temperature -15 to 70 ° C

Instrumentation functions
automatic activation
User profiles Yes

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