Garmin gWind GNX Wireless Pack 43

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Garmin Package gWind Wireless 43
GNX 20, GNX WIND, GDT 43, GST 43 display and Wireless wind transducer

The information you need to browse safely includes:
GNX Wind display
Multifunction instrument dedicated to sailing boats that allows you to view 4 data fields at the same time, including true wind1, apparent wind, Steer Pilot, boat speed, depth and many other fundamental information for navigation.
This multifunctional instrument is equipped with a 4 ”monochrome display with black digits on a white background and a glass bonded screen, which prevents the formation of condensation and increases contrast, improving visibility in all light conditions.
GWind Wireless transducer 2
The gWind Wireless 2 transducer offers an easy-to-install solution and eliminates the presence of cables inside the shaft. Dedicated radio signals are sent via an ANT® connection directly to a GNX ™ Wind display or compatible Garmin GPSMAP® 8400 or GPSMAP 7400 series chartplotters.
The gWind Wireless 2 transducer, thanks to the front wind detection, provides more precise data in light wind conditions, while the dual direction stabilizer offers more reliable data. This type of transducer, unlike the cup transducer, guarantees greater efficiency. Combined with optical reading, this transducer offers superior accuracy at low wind speeds. The integrated solar panel charges the internal batteries for up to 3 years and is easy to replace.

GNX 20 display
This 4 ”monochrome display with black digits guarantees high contrast for clear visibility in any light condition and any reading angle. The GNX 20 is the first glass-bonded LCD display with three different data fields. Thanks to fully customizable profiles, you can view the layout of over 50 data pages. The Auto-scroll function, on the other hand, allows you to view only the data of interest in rotation.
GDT 43 transducers e GST 43
Thanks to the new Garmin Marine translators for 43mm holes you will no longer have to drill new holes or modify existing ones. The plug & play system simplifies and speeds up installation to return to surfing immediately.
GST 43 is a speed and temperature transducer, while GDT 43 is a depth transducer. Each comes with the adapter that allows data sharing over your vessel's NMEA 2000 network for a truly integrated on-board network.

Package Contents
  • GWind Wireless transducer 2
  • GNX Wind display
  • GNX 20 display
  • Through-hull temperature and depth transducer GDT 43
  • Through-hull temperature and speed transducer GST 43
  • GST 10 adapter cable
  • NMEA 2000 adapter
  • 2m NMEA 2000 cable
  • NMEA 2000 T connectors and terminators
  • Installation kit
  • NiMH battery
  • Documentation

GWind Wireless transducer 2
  • Unit size, WxH: 345mm x 610mm
  • Weight: 350 g
  • Waterproof: (IPX6¹)
  • Operating temperature: -15 ° to 70 ° C (5 ° to 158 ° F)
  • Power Consumption: Battery (rechargeable via solar panel)
  • Accuracy angle: more than ± 1.5 °
  • Speed: better than ± 3%
  • Wind speed range: 0, 8-90 knots (0, 4-50 m / s)
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Solar panel mounted directly on the sensor
  • Internal solar rechargeable batteries lasting 3 years and easily replaceable

GNX Wind display:

  • Physical dimensions: 110 x 115 x 30 mm
  • Screen size, WxH: 83 x 60 mm; 101.6 mm diagonal
  • Weight: 230 g
  • Waterproof classification: IPX7
  • NMEA 2000 certification
  • Power Consumption: 0.35W (day); 0.4 W (night)
  • Voltage: 9-16V (from NMEA 2000)
  • Mounting options: recessed or flush
  • Operating temperature: -15 ° to 70 ° C (5 ° to 158 ° F)
  • Compass safety distance: 209 mm

GNX 20 display:

  • Physical dimensions: 110 x 115 x 30 mm
  • Screen size, WxH: 83 x 60 mm; 101.6 mm diagonal
  • Screen resolution: 320 x 240 pixels
  • Weight: 247 g
  • Waterproof classification: IPX7
  • NMEA 2000 Certification: Yes
  • Power Consumption: Maximum 2.5W
  • Voltage: 9-16V (from NMEA 2000)
  • Mounting options: recessed or flush
  • Operating temperature: -15 ° to 70 ° C (5 ° to 158 ° F)
  • Compass safe distance: 209 m m


Sei interessato ad una offerta privata?
D. Buongiorno, ho visto che il diametro dei fori è 43mm, mentre io ho fori da 51mm. Sono disponibili anche trasduttori da 51? La versione wired del prodotto è disponibile? Grazie, buona giornata
R. 08-02-23 Buonasera, nel suo caso a mio avviso sarebbe consigliata la versione con unico trasduttore DST810: https://www.painestore.it/garmin_gwind_pack_wireless_1 Tempi di spedizione in 7/10 giorni lavorativi. Disponibili subito invece quelle con cavo: https://www.painestore.it/garmin_gwind_pack_con_gmi20_e_gnx_wind Cordiali saluti. Luigi Bianchi
D. Salve,a prua della barca a vela ho una scarpetta in bronzo che porta un passascafo con foro 40mm della.profondita 90 mm potrei anche allargare il core a 43 mm se la sonda e lunga a sufficienza.in alternativa se esiste altro per ecoscandaglio da installare abbraccerei altre soluzioni grazie
R. 30-04-22 Buongiorno, i trasduttori inclusi nel pacchetto necessitano di un foro sullo scafo da 43mm. Altre alternative invece necessitano di un foro da 51mm. In ogni caso dovrà alare la barca per la sostituzione dei trasduttori. Cordiali saluti. Luigi Bianchi
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