Raymarine AXIOM 9RV eco/GPS with RV-100

Includes RV-100 Realvision stern transducer
FREE Lighthouse Cartography of the Mediterranean
  • Code: E70367-03-MED
€ 1.639,00 € 2.189,90 -25%
Raymarine AXIOM 9RV with fishfinder echo
RV-100 Real Vision transom transducer included

Amazing performance at your fingertips
Clear app symbols make orientation easier and a simple swipe on the multifunction display activates
the sidebar with the data visualization.
Data fields of different sizes can be placed anywhere on the screen using Drag-and-Drop.
The start page with the user profile and personal configuration can be permanently saved on the device. With just a few steps you can take control via the touchscreen.

The chart plotter can also be adapted to individual needs. Clear menus also ensure quick access to the different map modes.
Just a tap of your finger on the map is enough to position the cursor.

The built-in gyroscope within the RealVision 3D transducer compensates for vessel motion, providing realistic 3D sonar images.
RealVision 3D transducers combine CHIRP DownVision, CHIRP SideVision, high-frequency fish-finding CHIRP, and RealVision 3D in a single transducer housing.

New LightHouse 3 operating system
The new Lighthouse 3 operating system is pre-installed on all Axiom devices. Operation is completely buttonless and uses touch control.
Switching on and off takes place via a touch panel on the display. Thanks to the high performance of the processor, the operating system is very fast.
It is also very intuitive and adapts perfectly to your personal browsing style.

Network connection
AXIOM devices have NMEA2000 and Ethernet interfaces for integrating into an existing network or building a new network.
Furthermore, the devices are equipped with a microUSB connection, integrated WLAN and Bluetooth.
Optical bonded LCD display size 9.0"
Display resolution 800 x 480 WVGA
Display type Multi-touch
Brightness 1,200 nits
Viewing Angle Degrees: 60 / 70 / 70 / 70 (up / down / left / right)

Dimensions 244 x 158 x 77 mm (9.65 inches x 6.22 inches x 3.00")
Weight 2.04kg (4.5lbs)
Top mounting, recessed, front, with bracket
IPX6 / IPX7 waterproof rating
Operating temperatures -25°C to +55°C (-13°F to 131°F)
Storage temperature -30°C to +70°C (-22°F to 158°F)
Voltage 12V DC (8V to 16V DC)



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D. Buonasera, ho montato a novembre 2020 sulla mia imbarcazione un ecoscandaglio Hook Reveal 7 con trasduttore 50/200 HDI della Lowrance ( di cui ho ancora la scatola originale) e vorrei sostituirlo con il vostro Raymarine AXIOM 9 RV eco/GPS + TRASDUTTORE RV-100 Real Vision e relativa cartografia ( prezzo da voi esposto 1905,00 €) per accoppiarlo con Autopilota EV-100 Idraulico acquistato qualche temo fa sempre presso di voi. Nel caso quanto mi verrebbe a costare la permuta? Grazie
R. 27-04-24<br /> Buongiorno, prima di dare una valutazione, gradirei delle foto con strumento sia acceso che spento.<br /> Grazie.<br /> Cordiali saluti.<br /> Luigi Bianchi
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