Raymarine AXIOM XL 24 24 ”Glass Bridge

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Raymarine AXIOM XL 24
24 ”Glass Bridge Multifunction Display

The new flagship product
The Axiom XL line is the ultimate expression of Raymarine navigation systems and integration into modern helm stations.

Designed for Glass Bridge installations, Axiom XL displays offer superior performance, exceptional visibility and elegant simplicity. Built to operate in extreme conditions, the Glass Bridge multifunction displays of the Axiom XL family are completely waterproof and can be installed in both manholes and closed dashboards. Each model uses Raymarine's In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology and Optical Bonding technology to provide wider viewing angles, crisp contrast and unmatched readability even in bright sunlight.

Available in 16, 19, 22, and 24-inch versions, the Axiom XL display's edge-to-edge glass construction allows designers to create a sleek, aesthetically pleasing and integrated navigation helm.

The intelligent, ultra-strong all-glass display, optimized for flush or flush mounting, features an elegant keyless design and swipe-to-power touch control. An integrated ambient light sensor automatically adjusts the brightness of the display according to the lighting conditions.

Get connected with LightHouse apps.
Expand the power and capabilities of Axiom XL with streaming from mobile entertainment apps and connect with leading marine technology partners, Seakeeper, Mazy and Luminshore for example.

Access Axiom wherever you are with Axiom XL's HDMI video output. Monitor Axiom from the large screen below deck or
stream Axiom XL to your phone or tablet with Raymarine mobile apps.

Boat automation thanks to Raymarine Digital Switching solutions dedicated to boat builders.
Axiom XL's Digital Switching technology allows you to control on-board electrical devices via the touch screen, without
no difficulty.
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