Scanstrut DS-H10 horizontal watertight cable glands

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Scanstrut DS-H10 watertight cable glands horizontal entry
The Scanstrut range of cabling solutions eliminates the complications of routing cables inside boats, as well as better aesthetics than using messy sealant to achieve 100% watertight installation for cables every time marine. Our solutions are the only guaranteed and proven watertight installation for antenna and navigation light cables.

Main features

IP68 waterproof range
Easy-to-install cable routing that reduces installation time.
A 100% watertight seal
Marine sealant not required
Perfect for solar panels, light bars, lights and other electronic devices on the roof.
Available in high impact gray or black plastic
Our materials have been selected to be UV resistant and wear resistant
Captive nuts facilitate assembly and also allow reliable repeat installations.

Information on product variants

Color: Grey
For 6-10mm (0.24 "- 0.39") cables
Ease of assembly
Impact resistant design

Black colour
For 6-10mm (0.24 "- 0.39") cables
Ease of assembly
Impact resistant design

D. Salve , quali dono le dimensioni del passacavo e quale è la dimensione massima del foro che che si può fare sul supporto dove viene fissato il passacavo ? Grazie
R. 01-02-24<br /> Buongiorno, nella sezione Documenti dentro l'articolo in oggetto, trova il disegno tecnico che risponde a tutte le Sue richieste.<br /> Cordiali saluti.<br /> Luigi Bianchi
D. vorrei conoscere le dimensioni esterne ed interne dei passacavi
R. 23-05-23 Buongiorno, nella sezione Documenti trova il PDF con il disegno tecnico. Cordiali saluti. Luigi Bianchi
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