Steiner Binoculars Commander 7X50

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The STEINER Commander 7x50 is the most popular professional marine binoculars in the world, whose production began in the 70s and today among boating enthusiasts, is a true distinctive symbol, as binoculars of absolute prestige and superior quality.

There are still many Commanders in service more than 40 years ago and although they have not been produced with all the construction techniques that STEINER has perfected over time, they are still in perfect working order, with images as sharp as in their first day of operation.

The Commander 7x50 offers a 30-year warranty, is waterproof up to 10 meters deep, is indestructible, includes a set of optical solutions that push it to such a level of quality that a comparison with any other marine binoculars on the market becomes inappropriate.

Main features:
Makrolon® housing: extremely resistant polycarbonate with very long-lasting NBR rubber, for maximum lightness and strength capable of withstanding an impact up to 11G.
Steiner Nano-Protection®: molecular water repellent, able to repel water and dust from the lenses.
Sports-Auto Focus ™: to obtain always in focus images from 20 meters to infinity.
Memory Diopter: stores your personal focus settings.
N2 injection ™: sealed with dry nitrogen injected at a pressure of 14 psi with 2-way valve technology. To combat fogging in any condition.
Floating prism system with flexible silicone for shock absorption.
Chemical coatings are applied in all air-glass passages to ensure the optimization of the passage of light, so that our eye can perceive greater contrast and brighter details even in low light conditions.
Production process divided into more than 460 phases which attest to its rigorous quality.
Padded floating strap: allows the binoculars to float and the bright yellow color allows easy tracing.
ClicLoc® strap (non-floating) allows you to attach or release the binoculars in an immediate way.
ErgoFlex eye pads.
Waterproof up to 10 meters deep
30 year guarantee.

Technical features:

Weight: 1090 gr
Width: 206 mm.
Height: 157 mm.
Depth: 75 mm.
Exit pupil: 7.1 mm
Brightness: 51.02
Twilight factor: 18.7.
Field of view at 1000 m:> 145 m
Operating temperature: from –40 ° C to +80 ° C

Equipment included:
Hard Case.
3M-ClicLoc padded floating carrying strap with quick attachment.
ClicLoc neoprene carrying strap with quick attachment
Rain cover and lens cover.
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