Simrad NSS 9 evo3S Radar Pack with Halo 20+

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Simrad NSS 9 evo3 Radar Pack
Package including Halo 20+ Radar Antenna

NSS evo3 allows you to navigate, control and enjoy an unprecedented level of integrated functionality. SolarMAX ™ HD display technology offers excellent clarity and ultra-wide viewing angles, combined with an all-weather touchscreen and extended keypad for maximum control in any situation.

Main features:
SolarMAX ™ widescreen HD display for lifelike colors
SolarMAX ™ 9-inch widescreen HD display
Reliable control in all conditions: the ability to switch between multi-touch modes and a full keypad with a rotary knob
Integrated sonar with dual channel CHIRP sonar, ForwardScan® sonar and StructureScan® HD imaging
Add StructureScan® 3D imaging, advanced Broadband Sounder ™ features and more via Simrad modules
Get a wider view with Halo ™ Pulse Compression Radar, Broadband 3G ™ / 4G ™ and other Simrad solutions
Total control of Simrad autopilot systems with the NSS evo3 touchscreen or keypad
NMEA 2000® connectivity providing integrated engine monitoring, audio system control and more
Accurate navigation with a built-in 10Hz high gain GPS / GLONASS receiver
Easier boat trip planning with TripIntel ™ technology and support for Navionics Autorouting / Jeppesen Easy Routing
Integrated GoFree ™ Wi-Fi that provides online functions, smartphone monitoring and tablet control
Flush mount installation to provide a low profile Glass Bridge appearance or bracket mount to allow installation anywhere on the boat

SolarMAX ™ 9-inch widescreen HD display
SolarMAX ™ HD display technology revolutionizes the way in-vehicle electronics are viewed with high definition and clear visibility regardless of operating conditions. Clear visibility is guaranteed from any position, sitting or standing, with a wide angle view. Bright LED backlighting and anti-reflective coating provide enhanced visibility during the day; SolarMAX ™ HD displays are designed to withstand the heat of the summer sun and are perfect for outdoor installations. These all weather screens feature a special optical glass that prevents condensation and fogging. The SolarMAX ™ HD display offers the best view in all weather and conditions.

Reliable control in any situation
NSS evo3 displays allow you to take full control of your course. You can easily switch between control via several features of the intuitive touchscreen and the built-in rotary dial keypad. All display functions can be controlled via the touchscreen or keypad, giving you the flexibility to use the controls that best suit the current conditions and activity. The keypad controls of the NSS evo3 also allow you to lock the touchscreen and use a classic interface with buttons and a rotary knob, without the need for a separate keypad.

Integrated depth sounder
The built-in sonar module that comes with every NSS evo3 display offers a wide range of Simrad sonar technologies suitable for many sport fishing and navigation applications. StructureScan® HD imaging combines DownScan and SideScan sonars to provide photo-quality images of fish structures while the award-winning ForwardScan® sonar provides a safer boating experience with a clear view of the seabed in front of the own boat. Broadband Sounder ™ technology offers CHIRP-compatible fish-sensing sonar, including support for all TotalScan ™ all-in-one transducers and dual-channel CHIRP transducers. Dual channel transducers provide coverage of multiple depth ranges and wider cones in a single unit, perfect for detecting specific parts of the water column in sport fishing applications. The two transducer ports allow simultaneous use of StructureScan® HD or ForwardScan® sonar and CHIRP or a traditional sonar.

Checking the radar system
Expand your view with Halo ™ Pulse Compression Radar, Broadband Radar ™ or other HD digital radar solutions.
NSS evo3 displays integrate seamlessly with these networked Simrad radar solutions to provide an interface
full radar with simple preset modes, custom manual tuning, MARPA target tracking,
guard zones, overlay views and many other functions depending on the chosen radar system.

Short and long range viewing with one compact antenna
Ideal for a wide range of small power boats, the HALO20 + is supplied with a dome antenna
compact capable of offering high quality short to medium range detection.
The pulse compression technology of the HALO20 + radar makes no compromises when it comes to detection for any
selected distance, while beam narrowing offers better separation between small targets or

Always ready to use
The HALO20 + radar wakes up instantly from low power standby mode, offering coverage
high-speed radar exactly when and where it's needed. Even when the HALO20 radar is completely off, it will boot up

it takes place in seconds, unlike traditional pulse radars which take minutes. Whether navigating in high-traffic waters or in poor visibility conditions, the HALO20 + radar filters and eliminates noise instantly to provide a clear, up-to-date picture of your surroundings.

Integration with Simrad autopilot
Total control of the Simrad autopilot with the touchscreen or NSS evo3 keypad. You can set a course, hold course against wind and current, tack to a waypoint or follow a complex route with simple on-screen controls. NSS evo3 displays can be used as a single controller for a black box autopilot system or can be combined with dedicated autopilot controllers and wireless remote controls. A networked Simrad autopilot system can be controlled from any onboard NSS evo3 display, ideal for dual helm boats.

NMEA 2000® connectivity
Industry-standard NMEA 2000® connectivity enables integration with a wide range of Simrad and third-party electronic components on board, including engine and fuel control capabilities, digital instrumentation, AIS integration, audio system control, and more.

Integrated 10 Hz GPS receiver
All NSS evo3 displays include a high-gain, high-speed GPS / GLONASS receiver that updates its position ten times per second, ideal for precise tracking of fast motor boats. In bracket-mount installations outdoors and in flush-mount installations in several fiberglass vessels, this avoids the purchase and installation of a separate GPS receiver. An optional external GPS receiver can be used as an auxiliary position source or in some installations that prevent the receiver from getting a clear GPS signal.

Customizable function key
The NSS evo3 display includes a user programmable function key that provides instant access to selected functions. You can then press a single button to access frequently used functions, such as navigation, autopilot or radar. Alternatively, you can assign the button to a function you want to have on hand, for example, create a MOB key for emergencies, a dedicated key for recording sonar logs for Insight Genesis, or a key to lock the touchscreen while using the keypad or an external controller. You can choose two functions: one for quick press and one for long press.

Simplified navigation thanks to autorouting
Auto-routing offers the same convenience and simplicity of car navigation even on boats, allowing you to plot a route and leave with less delay. Simply select a destination and the NSS evo3 display will recommend the shortest and safest route taking into consideration the draft and size of the vessel. This feature is available with Navionics + or Navionics Platinum (Navionics Autorouting) maps and Jeppesen CMAP MAX-N + (Jeppesen Easy Routing) maps.

GoFree ™ Wi-Fi integrated
Built-in GoFree ™ Wi-Fi enables online map downloads, Insight Genesis map creation, and system-wide software updates. You can browse and purchase a wide range of chart options online from the GoFree ™ store and download charts directly to the display's memory card without leaving the helm. The sonar logs captured on the display can be uploaded directly to the Insight Genesis cloud service to create detailed custom charts - a perfect way to explore your favorite inland and coastal fishing areas. GoFree ™ online services can be used anywhere a Wi-Fi connection to the Internet is available.

Simrad Halo 20+
HALO20 + offers near real-time vision, with industry-leading 60-rpm short-range operation to avoid collisions. It allows you to identify hazards instantly thanks to VelocityTrack ™ and Doppler radar technology and to enjoy short and long range coverage (up to 36 nautical miles) via a single 20 "radome antenna.

Excellent performance in short and medium distances
Extend the view from the bow of the boat up to 36 nautical miles with pulse compression radar technology that not only provides a powerful mix of short and long range detection, but also offers precise target definition with minimal disturbance.

Always ready to use
The HALO20 + radar wakes up instantly from low-power standby mode, delivering high-speed radar coverage exactly when and where it's needed. Even when the HALO20 radar is completely off, it starts up in seconds, unlike traditional pulse radars which take minutes. Whether navigating in high-traffic waters or in poor visibility conditions, the HALO20 + radar filters and eliminates noise instantly to provide a clear, up-to-date picture of your surroundings.

Main features
25W pulse compression
VelocityTrack ™
Target staining
ARPA automatic target detection (next SW update, not on release)
Double reach without compromise
High speed rotation 1 ° 60 rpm
How to use the radar
Radius sharpening that works
48 / 36nm range
Low profile and light weight 6.9 / 5.9 kg
Unrivaled short range
Excellent target detection
InstantOn ™
Low energy consumption
Technical specifications NSS9
Waypoints, Routes, Tracks 6000 waypoints, 500 Routes with 100 max route points, 50 tracks with up to 12,000 track points.
Cartography included World basemap (no detailed charts)
Languages Standard Language Pack: English (US), English (UK), Danish, German, Spanish, Finnish, French, Greek, Icelandic, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish
Cartography supported Insight, Navionics (Gold, NAV + Platinum +), C-MAP (MAX N, MAX N +) NV Digital (Raster US Charts)
Radar (inc. Compatibility) Broadband Radar, Halo Pulse Compression Radar, HD Pulse Radar
External Storage 2 MicroSD slots, max. 32GB each. Larger if formatted to NTFS
Weather SiriusXM via WM-3 (USA only), GRIB
Internal Storage 16 GB
Sonar (inc. Compatibility) Two 9 pin Xsonic Sonar ports. Sonar port 1: Single channel CHIRP, 50/200 khz, HDI. Sonar port 2: Single channel CHIRP, 50/200 khz, TotalScan, LSS HD, ForwardScan.
Compatible with: SonarHub, BSM-3, BSM-2, network echo sounders
GPS Internal
AIS Receive AIS data over NMEA 2000 or * NMEA 0183 (* NMEA 0183 has to be wired to all NSS processors)
Warranty Period 2 Years
Interface Full touch screen (multi-touch) and full keypad control, OP50 remote controllers
Multimedia via SonicHub2, FusionLink, * Sirius, ** JL Audio. * USA only, ** AUST. & NZ only)
Autopilot Full auto pilot control and commissioning
Digital Switching BEP C-Zone, Naviop

Network Connectors
N2K PGNs Receive only
Ethernet 1 x 5 pin yellow connector x 1 Mbit
WiFi Internal
Bluetooth Internal

Techniques / Environmental
Dimensions (W x H x D) 287 x 166 x 90 mm (11.30 x 6.55 x 3.50inch)
with bracket 311 x 180 x 95 (11.30 x 7.07 x 3.72)
Mounting Type Bracket (Supplied) or panel mount
Weight 1.41 kg (3.11 lbs.)
Compliance CE, C-Tick, HDMI, EN 60950-1: 2006, EN 60945: 2002
EN 300 440-2, V1.4.2
Storage Temperature Range -20 ° C to + 60 ° C (4 ° F to 140 ° F)
Waterproof rating IPX6 and 7
Operating Temperature Range -15 ° C to + 55 ° C (5 ° F to 131 ° F) Steering Modes Auto, Nav., No Drift, Follow up, Non-follow up, Turn patterns, Standby, * Wind, * Wind NAV . (* Boat type set to Sail)
Maneuvers / Turn Patterns U-turn, Spiral-turn, C-turn, Zig-zag, Square-turn, Lazy S-turn, Depth contour tracking

GPS navigation
Time to First Fix Cold start 50 sec, Satellite Reacquisition 5 sec
Position Accuracy Horizontal Accuracy 3 m (9.8 ft)
GPS Receiver Channels 34 Channels
Update rate 10 Hz

Power Supply Voltage 10 - 31.2 V DC

Resolution 720 x 1280
Screen Size and Type High Visibility SolarMax HD® IPS optically bonded TFT
Backlight Color White
Viewing Angles 80 ° top / bottom, 80 ° left / right

Technical specifications HALO 20+
Supply voltage 10.5 - 31.2 VDC (12 / 24V systems)
Maximum wind speed 100 knots (51 m / s)
Warranty period 2 Years
Typical power consumption 20W
Operating temperature range -25 ° to + 55 ° C (-13 ° to + 130 ° F)
Maximum power consumption 29W
Maximum range, 36 NM scale
Beam width 4.9 ° H nominal (-3dB) 2.5 ° with target separation on high x 25 ° V
Weight 5.9 kg (13 lbs) without cable
Minimum range, scale 50 m / 200 ft / 50 yd
Dimensions diameter 510mm (20 ")
Dimensions (height x width x depth) 510mm dia x 223mm H. (20 "dia x 8.8" H)
Recommended fuse rating 5A
Humidity 95% RH at 35 ° C (95 ° F)
Compliance with FCC approvals, Part 47 CFR 80 and 90: RED, Article 3 of Directive 99/5 / EC: CE: EN, EN302-248 V2.1.1: Industry Canada, RSS238: RCM (C-Tick): IEC60945 Sec 9.2, 9.3, 10.3-10.9, 11.2: IEC60950 Electrical Safety
Harbor, Offshore, Weather, Bird, Dual Range, North Up, Course Up, Relative motion, True Motion radar modes
IPX6 waterproof level
Pulse Compression radar technology
Simrad MFD interface
Rotation speed Up to 60 RPM (Range Dependent)

D. È possibile avere il pacchetto radar/gps con schermo a 12o14 pollici e relativi preventivi. Grazie
R. 08-07-24<br /> Buon pomeriggio, pacchetto cod. 000-15557-002 che include display NSS 12 Evo3S e Antenna Radar 20+ a 5.549,00 euro disponibile in 5 giorni lavorativi, poi non esiste un pacchetto per il 16", posso quindi proporre la versione che include display NSS 16 Evo3S e Antenna Radar 20+ a 7.800,00 euro disponibile in 5 giorni lavorativi.<br /> Cordiali saluti.<br /> Luigi Bianchi<br />
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