Garmin Antenna Radar GMR 24x Fantom

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Garmin GMR Radar Antenna 24 x

These 24 ″ high performance radomes, available in a black or white color version and with 50 watts of output power, offer superlative performance with an elegant design.
Simple to use and install
New dynamic filters to provide optimal performance in various conditions
GMR Fantom offers all the required power. Up to 50 Watts, real.
See the targets clearly and adjust the size as needed.
Thanks to the power saving mode, you can choose when to use maximum power and when to limit its use.
MotionScope ™ technology shows targets in color as they approach or move away from the vessel.
These 50 watt solid state radomes have a range of 20 to 48 nautical miles, even in fog or rain. In addition, they offer a rotation speed of up to 60 rpm ensuring a refresh rate that detects motion at any speed. This time they are available in white or black, to allow you to match them to your boat.
MotionScope uses the Doppler effect to highlight moving targets in different colors allowing navigation around other vessels or in bad weather conditions, or to fishing spots where birds feed on the surface.

By connecting the GMR 24 x antenna with a multifunction display and an optional heading sensor, you can take advantage of the MARPA function which allows you to obtain information on the navigation status of other vessels such as direction, course and speed, up to a maximum of 10 targets at the same time.
Network connection
You can connect the GMR 24 x antenna to your existing Garmin Marine Network in 'plug and play' mode. Once connected, the on-board system multifunction displays are able to display information from the antenna.

In the box
Radome 24x GMR Fantom
Power cord (15m / 49.21ft)
Network cable (15 m / 49.21 ft)
Installation instructions
Mounting component kit and template

Dimensions 24x: 25.40 ″ x 9.80 ″ (64.50 cm x 24.90 cm)
24x Weight: 17.40 lb
IPX7 waterproof rating
Power 50 W
24x antenna width: 23 ″ (58.42 cm)
Screen refresh rate up to 60 rpm, depending on settings
Horizontal beam width 24x: 3.70 ° horizontal, 25 ° vertical
Maximum power 48 NM
Minimum power 6 meters
Radome type
Power supply 10-32 Vdc
Consumption (STANDBY) 4 W
Max power consumed (transmission in low consumption) 24 W
Max power consumed (transmission in normal mode) 33 W
Dual range
Radar overlai
Dynamic Autogain
Marpa (requires direction sensor, sold separately)

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